Nigerian Super Eagles In Brazil For 2014 World Cup (Photos)

super eagles in brazil

June 13, 2014 – Nigerian Super Eagles In Brazil For 2014 World Cup (Photos)

Super Eagles players have arrived Brazil for 2014 World cup game.

The team landed on Thursday ahead of their match on Monday June 16th against Iran.

The winning team arrived in colourful bespoke suits designed by David Bowler.

See more photos below

Let’s join them in our prayers for victory. There is nothing God can’t do.

16 thoughts on “Nigerian Super Eagles In Brazil For 2014 World Cup (Photos)

  1. Wat ar those guys doing there…. Abeg dey should b fast nd cm bk after group stage…………. Nig 0 vs 1 iran, Nig 0 vs 2 bosnia, Nig 1 vs 4 Argentina……….. Kapish

    • Phyno or whateva u kol urself, u beta shine ur face cos na this “FIFA 2014 CUP”be own. Very soon u’ll kom rejoice wif us and go back to ur country HAITI.

  2. super eagles shall climb to the top and come back home with victory in jesus name Amennnnnnnnn.

  3. this time this cup is coming to 9ja no matter how strong the rest teams are but God will surely see us through this time,play play na oga jona take sit down for yaradua post till date so my people make we begin support super winners wit prayer.

  4. They just go waste transport, cote’d voire is the only african country to qualify to round of sixteen, naija 1-1 iran, naija 1-2 bosnia, naija 0-2 Argentina, ghana 0-1 portugal, ghana 0-3 germany, ghana 0-0 U.S.A, Algeria 0-4 Uruguay, Algeria 0-2 england, Algeria 0-3 italy, Cameroon 1-2 mexico, Cameroon 0-5 brazil, Cameroon 1-4 croatia. Goodluck cote’d voire

  5. Phyno, U̶̲̥̅̊ re such a big fool according 2 ur name a big nwa,U̶̲̥̅̊ want dem 2 fail bcos U̶̲̥̅̊ re called a failure abi but wait n c,U̶̲̥̅̊ shall rejoice with dem.

  6. @Sharton Lol!!! You are really a Nigerian. Is through gradual process and unseriousness Jonathan sat on Presidential sit today, (Even the fact that he happens to be the worst president in history of Nigeria). If you quote me wrong; then I will implore you to count or calculate how many lives that has being lost in his tenure. The same thing can also happen to super eagles in brazil.

  7. Tb Joshua has already said that is African country that will win the cup, that the African country name start from C and end to N which means Cameroon

  8. Thank you guys for representing our beloved nation at the 2014 soccer world cup in Brazil. Our hearts and prayers are with you all over there. You are one of the best in the world. I also want to thank our able coach-Mr. Stephen Keshi for your long service to our nation in the field of sport. As you made us proud in the last Africa nation cup, my prayer is that you and your wonderful team will do it again for yourself, your families, and most importantly for your country. Please play the game of soccer with all your heart, and believe that you will bring the world cup home from Brazil. Once again, thank you to the all the Super Eagle team, their supporting fans from all over the globe. My good brother – Steve Keshi please make us and Africa proud once again.

  9. Devil punish ur mouth bastard! Born by mistake! see ur stupid mouth! And if the don’t come back after group stage any food cook by green leaf will cos u sickness because green is our colour! Up super eagle!!!!!

  10. Wat would u gain by wishing someone else failure. Someday, wen u also get 2 d top, u’ll know wat it feels like wen somebody else wishes u FAILURE. More grease 2 ur elbow @phyno. Go super eagle,Goal super eagle!

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