Nigerian Witches Endorse GEJ Again: President Jonathan In Secret Cult Membership Scandal


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Sept 23, 2014 – Nigerian Witches Say Jonathan Will Win Reelection Because He Has Supernatural Powers

Nigerian Witches Endorse GEJ Again: President Jonathan In Secret Society Membership Scandal

Again the Nigeria’s chapter of the Witches Association of the world has endorsed Jonathan for 2015 reelection.

The group tagged “The Inner Coven Society Worldwide” says Jonathan’s supernatural powers has earned him their favour.

Hear what the group told Daily Sun about Jonathan:

“The Inner Coven Society World-wide, as the minds that have travelled into the unseen and the unknown, is using this opportunity to say that the 2015 presidential election in Nigeria is a foregone issue. The election has been won and lost in the spirit realm. The candidate who by destiny has the overwhelming support of our society as well as other supernatural principalities in the high places is President Jonathan and he has won the election.”

“The Inner Coven Society worldwide is not a political organisation; neither are we affiliated to any political party or association. Our society is the general assembly of all the witches across the various continents of the earth.

Please tell these dumb group to keep quiet. Who are they before God Almighty the creator of heaven and earth. Witches are ants before our Lord Jesus so they should keep quiet.

If Jonathan wins the election in the absence of rigging, then God has permitted him to rule Nigeria again and not by the permission of some ants in the underworld.

President Jonathan has made history as the first Nigerian president to be endorsed twice by Witches within a year.

Recall that the association of Witches Wizards of Nigeria endorsed him few months ago.

This will further fuel the rumour going round that President Jonathan is an occultic man.

The rumour started in 2011 when the witches association first endorsed him and since then, he has been gaining support despite non-stop bloodshed and unrest under his administration.

Jonathan has never come open to dissociate himself from this group.

Na God go help us… lips sealed #baba God pass all evil doers, their days are numbered.