Nigerian Woman Murdered By Boyfriend In Port Harcourt Identified! RIP Maureen Ewuru

woman murdered boyfriend port harcourt hotel

Woman Strangled By Boyfriend In Port Harcourt Identified! RIP Maureen Ewuru

The young woman murdered by her boyfriend in Rivers state early Thursday morning has been identified.

The victim, 23-year-old Maureen Ewuru, a single mother of two was strangled after a sex romp.

The indigene of Umuahia in Abia state was a resident of Port Harcourt.

According to the State’s Police Spokesperson, Nnamdi Omoni, the suspect simply identified as Maureen’s boyfriend is still on the run.

The manager of the hotel where Maureen was murdered has been arrested by police.

The CCTV cameras of the hotel are being analysed to identify the fleeing lover.

maureen ewuru

Maureen’s body has been deposited in a mortuary in Port Harcourt.

May her soul rest in peace.

25 thoughts on “Nigerian Woman Murdered By Boyfriend In Port Harcourt Identified! RIP Maureen Ewuru

  1. The sad end of a run girl. I’m based in PH. This girl only charges in dollars. 2 different kids with different men.
    She serves big clients every day.
    Here is how it all ends. No justification for crime, we hope justice is served in this matter

    • from your comment is looks like you know her very well… but my advice for you that is still alive is to Change if your in the same runs business with her. so u don’t end up like her, justice or no justice she’s gone.

  2. she looks so peaceful on that bed even though she was strangled. May God’s judgement come upon her killer

  3. The tragic end of a greedy and an ungodly lady who never valued the man (her husband)that has natural love for her. This is a big lesson for some ladies like her who want to make the dollars by jumping from one man to another. There is nothing hidden under the sun that will not become manifest (Luke 8:17).

  4. May her killer never go unpunished, this is act of wickedness. whether she’s a prostitute.

  5. My prayer is dat d killer shd be arrested and face his own purnishment .y must u killed?pls d police she try all effort to find d killer.d hotel manager she remain in detention also.

  6. It seems everyone is blaming her. I don’t subscribe to that because if she had received assistance on time by way of deliverance she would not only have died but she would have long turned in to God. She did not know what shows was doing because the spirit spouse that was living i inside her was driving her on until it has now finally killed he. May soul receive pardon from the Almighty God.

  7. Runs girl or no runs girl, she has gone forever. Person saying she charge in dollars, how sis u get to know. N havnt u slept in hostel b4?

  8. How can an adulterer who died in the very act of adultery rest in peace or be in the bosom of the Lord, this is the reward of gross disregard to the words of the God, for there is no peace for the wicked says the Lord, and for the guy who killed her will never go unpunished.

  9. is life and longer truck that put her that way if all the girls will see that and repent but the will not I need a Yahoo don’t know who is who you jumped in the his car although I have nothing to say than to say r.i.p

  10. It’s a pity that she has died in her sin. How I pray that others will learn their lesson and repent. RIP is just human wish and doesn’t change her destiny that is already doomed. It’s apparent that her killer will surely be judged by God right from here on Earth. Whatever a man sows he will reap

  11. You pointing one finger and saying all sought of things, remember ten (10) fingers are also pointing at you, if you say it serves her right, hope all ur sisters are married, and even if they and if they ever slept in a hotel with a man before they got married, if yes or no who do we ask? how are you sure the lady you will marry has never slept in the hotel before you met her? What about ur unborn daughters will follow them to school, nobody knows what actually happened there that person there is somebody’s mother daughter, sister, aunt and nice. It can happen to anyone don’t be judgemental. May her soul rest in peace.

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