Nigerian Woman Suffers Hot Soup Attack From Lover “My Fiance Poured A Burning Stove On Me”

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Feb 14, 2013 – Nigerian Woman Suffers Hot Stew Attack From Lover In Kano “My Fiance Poured Hot Stew & A Burning Stove On Me”

A 27-year-old woman, Mary Sunday, has been in the hospital bed at Igbobi Orthopaedic Hospital seven months after she was allegedly attacked by her fiancé, Corporal Isaac Gbanwuan, with a pot of boiling stew and a lighted stove.

It was learnt that Sunday had lost her ears due to the attack.

Before the attack, which took place in August 2012, Sunday, was to report for training at the Police Academy, Kano as a cadet officer.

Still nursing severe burns to her neck, chest and upper arms, Sunday can barely sit or walk straight. She holds her head stiffly and talks with difficulty as she recalled the events that led to her present state to PUNCH Metro on Wednesday.

She said, “I have known Gbanwuan for a while, while I was still a student at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, but it wasn’t until our marriage introduction in 2011 that I moved in with him at the Pedro Police Barracks, Lagos.

“On the day I was assaulted, Gbanwuan and I went to see our doctor. We had some health issues. While we were on our way back home, I made a phone call. Immediately we got home, Gbanwuan started querying me. He accused me of keeping lovers and claimed the person I called was my lover.

“I tried to explain to him that it was my sister I called, but Gbanwuam was not listening. He began to beat me,” Sunday said.

Unable to take it any more, Sunday said she ran into the kitchen of a neighbour with Gbanwuan giving pursuit. He allegedly broke into the kitchen where he continued to assault Sunday.

She said, “Then to the horror of those who tried to intervene, Gbanwuan seized his neighbour’s cooking stove on which was a pot of boiling stew, emptying the entire contents on me.

“I don’t know for how long I was unconscious but I was later told that I was in a coma for seven days. I learnt the stove also exploded after Gbanwuan threw it with the boiling soup at me.

“I was first rushed to a private hospital at Bariga before I was eventually transferred to Igbobi hospital.

“I couldn’t tell my family for a while because I could not use my hands; they were sort of stuck to my chest. It was after much treatment, that I was able to use my hands and call my family.”

Sunday’s lawyer, Mr. Moses Kassim, told PUNCH Metro that a petition had already been sent to the Police Provost Office and the Commissioner of Police.

He said, “We have still not received any response from either of them. Gbanwuan is yet to be arrested despite the fact that Sunday’s family reported the case at the Pedro Police Division.

“While Sunday is confined to a hospital bed, Gbanwuan is still at his duty post at the Ebutte Ero division, showing no concern for her condition.”

Copies of the acknowledged petition received by the Provost Office and Commissioner of Police were dated January 17, 2013.

When PUNCH Metro contacted Gbanwaun, he denied causing any harm to his fiancée.

He said, “What Sunday has told you are all lies. She has been going about saying all sorts of things about me.

“That is how she wrote a petition through her lawyer to the Lagos State Police Command. Anyway, the matter is already being investigated by the command.”

When our correspondent sought his opinion on how Sunday got her injury that had kept her in the hospital, the policeman said, “I don’t know what to tell you. Like I said, the matter is being investigated.

The Lagos Deputy Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Damascus Ozoani, said he was yet to be fully briefed on the issue.

He said, “I don’t have all the facts right now. Let me investigate and I will respond to the story.”

But Sunday said she was more concerned with getting well.

She said, “All I want is the money to treat myself. My doctors are afraid to tell me how much because they don’t want me to be worried, but I have overhead them discussing several times.

“There is a deep wound in my chest which has to be treated and then my neck has to be operated on because it has been stiff since the incident and then there is the matter of my upper arms.

“The doctor, who attended to me at the first hospital I went to in Bariga, told me that I would have to go to India to have my ears reconstructed because they melted. He said I would need N5m.

“Gbanwaun’s family has abandoned me. They did so immediately my family reported the matter to the police. My mother is dead and my father is aged. Coping with my daily treatment here is a struggle for my siblings.” [Credit: Punch Metro]

What a wicked man!

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  1. that imbecile of a police man has to to be arrested and face d law.He is such a wicked man i pray evil will be his portion

  2. Ladies beware he hasn’t paid ur bride price and u r living wit him. Knw ur man and pray its very important.prayer is vry important in choosin a life partner

  3. May God never allow me know Satan talkless of falling in love with Satanic man in form of human. God have mercy and restore Mary’s live and health. Then do your will to that satanic man

  4. Ha! I’m barely trying to control my anger and disgust. Such crimes against our women is too alarming! What are you still investing after how many months? No initial visits to the scene of crime and report written? Were there no witnesses? What is wrong with us as a people? Until such criminals are duly punished by, i suggest, lethal means will there be a deterrent of such crimes. The Commissioner of Police should PLEASE personally ensure justice is gotten here. A real pity.

  5. What a wicked world, as 4 d police man, God is watching nd nemesis will soon catch up with u. U tink bcos u are a police man u have immunity, God will espose u nd ur colleaques dat r pretending not 2 know about d matter. Wicked man.

  6. I feel so sorry for you! But only jungle justice is good for people like this bastard of a woman called man! Personally I could have go for a revenge for you to give him times ten of the injuries he gave to you but I will not do it because Nigerian’s like you who bears English names, especially double English name like yours are fools! What is Mary Sunday for God’s sake? It is out of foolishness, ignorant & stupidity. Have you ever seen an English man or woman bearing your tribe or Nigerian’s name? This is the number one reason they look down on us we blacks! Upon their wickedness, racism, looting of Africa’s natural resources, using us for slaving & coming to our country to colonise us, yet we still depends on them for everything, including bearing of their names! Mary Sunday, tell the English people to come to your rescue because you are one of them! No evidence to prove that you are a Nigerian. Your surname & your name are all in English. Your problem started from there!

  7. Hmmmm! Gracious dis is really really insane.I mean how can a man born of a woman tink of such a tin.All d same itz a pity nd plz ladies be very careful nd always pray 4 ur MAN!

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