NG Changes Mode Of Operation…Night News Update Begins Today

naijagists changes modes of operation

NaijaGists Changes Mode Of Operation…Night News Update Begins Today

Hello sweethearts,

I will like to inform you that our update will be at night for a couple of months.

Our assistant editor resigned to start her own blog (interesting) last week Friday and since then, it’s been one headache or the other getting someone reliable to replace her.

Madam currently in TO will take over the editing from now on.

news update at night nigeria

Editing and updating will only be done at night until we are able to replace her.

Thanks for you understanding.

How is life my people,  I miss una plenty.

Happy Easter to you and your family members.

With love from TO.

NG Update Schedule.

Update will start at 2am Nigerian time.

(9pm US time, 9pm Canada time, 2am UK time, 3am South Africa time, 5am UAE time, 6:30am India time)

8 thoughts on “NG Changes Mode Of Operation…Night News Update Begins Today

  1. No problem,I’m with you, keep on updating us anytime, most importantly,please try to be exposing the lies and atrocities going on in Nigeria.

    Stay blessed and compliment of the season to you and your family..

  2. I was worried when I didn’t see anything 5 days in a row. Thanks for updating me.
    I’m in Dubai, I come here to see what is going on in Nigeria. don’t stop updating me

  3. Always at your side…. may God provide a reliable new editor that will continue to uplift our Naijagist for us…. Thanks for updating us on what’s going on in our ‘Àfisuuru’ country..

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