Nnamdi Kanu Shares Video Of Half Naked Wife In Bed As They Enjoy Romantic Moment In London

nnamdi kanu wife sex bedroom video

Nnamdi Kanu Shares Video Of Half Naked Wife In Bed As They Enjoy Romantic Moment In London

A clip has been making the rounds online showing the moment the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and his wife, Uchechi Okwu Kanu, were seen having a good time in bed.

In the footage, the IPOB leader who is currently in London, can be seen relaxing with his half-naked wife on the bed as she filmed them together.

Mrs. Kanu also showed off her body in her underwear in front of the camera as the couple enjoyed the romantic moment together.

Internet users who reacted to the trending video below, have questioned the motive behind the posting of the video online since it was recorded by the IPOB leader’s wife.

While some online users have criticised the couple over the controversial video, others have come to their defence by saying they are legally married and can do whatever they want.

Watch the video below.

CHUKWUIKIKE ABIAMA LEEEE!!! watch VIDEOThe ORACLE Must hear this..!!!WHY?? NNAMDI KANU WHY??Nnamdi KANU, leader of BIAFRA and IPOB, Stack NAKED on bed with a WOMAN suspected may be or may not be his WIFE…"WATCH… This is a very confusing VIDEO…. Why expose her nakedness? her ass and breasts?WATCH OOOOOO…. I will soon delete

Posted by Chinedu Chibboi on Thursday, April 11, 2019

16 thoughts on “Nnamdi Kanu Shares Video Of Half Naked Wife In Bed As They Enjoy Romantic Moment In London

  1. Igbo Magas don contribute money.
    Enjoy your life.
    Dem no sabi wise.
    When the money go down, just talk about Biafra again, dem go give you another load of enjoyment money.

  2. What does this prove? not needed. Why show video of you and your wife in bed given what you portray to be?

  3. You see?????? I hope the Igbos who followed this guy, whose relatives died in the francas for a non-existing Biafra can see that this boy is a common scam.
    Remember how many people were killed when he sneaked out of the country? People be wise! Sanity begins with each individual doing the right thing.

  4. His spending blood money, enjoying on other people’s life’s.
    After all the noise, he ran away, leaving the gullible people to suffer

  5. And what a sily caption about the half naked wife? C’mon! She had camisole on! It was the man that was half naked i.e topless. We should desist from all these subtle female harassment abeg!

    • You no see the video well, maybe u don’t have enough data, the lady is putting on just Bra and pant,
      Did you see where she stood up completely? And Nnamdi was asking her to take off the Bra?
      That’s not camisol or what did you call it

  6. To me, man must eat, the man need to eat and he sees am say na through him people wey dey believe say Dem wise him go fit chop well (igbos) so he enter Dem direct
    Small time now he go put cap and wrapper say him na holy Igbos Jews ?
    Na 100% mumu go fall for this guy story oo, Igbos never get good leader wey go lead them even though Dem want a nation.
    Continue oo

  7. NG what happen to my comment here?, I don’t understand why a man who is having fun with his wife should be a problem, i want to know which law prohibit such romantic moment, is it sharia law or roman catholic law?..please post my comment, thanks.

  8. well, I think this man wants to make himself popular in another way, since he and his wife is aware of the video. if it’s were so, that means he his doing the right thing in a wrong way but mind you almost every rich people do have CCTV in their room or everywhere in their house for security purpose without minding it exposing their privacy. to me I believed this video was leaked by close person to them

  9. So this is the one that will rule Biafra as a president. This is how he will rule if they have Biafra?

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