NNN Replaces MMM In Nigeria, Promises 35% ROI.. New Website Opens For Registration

nnn replaces mmm nigeria

December 19, 2016 – New Money Doubling Scam NNN Replaces MMM In Nigeria, Promises 35% Return On Investment.. New Website Opens For Registration

A new money doubling scam called NNN has come to replace the crashed MMM Ponzi scheme in Nigeria.

The new scam promising to pay 5% more than MMM is now opened for operation.

As at the time of this report, the MD scheme has close to 2000 Facebook fans.

Here is what were gathered from the website

nnn nigeria website

You don’t need a prophet to tell you this is the handiwork of MMM promoters in Nigeria.

Be warned do not join this… Make uno say NG no warn you oo.

14 thoughts on “NNN Replaces MMM In Nigeria, Promises 35% ROI.. New Website Opens For Registration

  1. People will still fall for this because every second a sucker or mugu is born and the situation is not situated.

    Weeping for my country.

  2. How come these people always double or triple the letters in their names ??? Some years back there was a bank owned by somebody whose initials are UU and they did a similar money business that later crashed. Then came MMM and now NNN.
    Na wa ooo! Perhaps when they answerWWW meaning win, win, win the venture wil be permanent.

  3. Nigerians should be careful with all these money making scheme. Especially NNN while now NNN and promising 35% of investment. MMM i know and will live. MMM will never die.
    If it will die you and I are the cost of it.

  4. Any money doubling scheme that come up in Nigeria must get its participants. Even if its XXX or ZZZ. No thanks to the decaying, declining and decomposed economy brought by the buhari led Administration.

    One thing is sure here… They will never get someone like me. Can‘t just gamble my hard earned cash to some no face and no trace set of fraudsters who manufactures nothing, sell nothing and have nothing.

    I am a gladiator only in the bush with my smoking Gun. Na dia una go fear.

    I take a stroll…

  5. Who are the dumbest 2000 people who have enrolled in this stupid scheme. I never believe any right thinking person will enrol in this program. Only first class Muguns will surely do, people who have lost their mind, I mean people who are under spell, the most foolish people on the face of this earth.

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