“Nobody Is Born Gay” – Nigerian Actor Dickson Iroegbu Blasts Homosexuals


dickson iroegbu gay

January 24, 2014 – “Nobody Is Born Gay” – Nollywood Actor Dickson Iroegbu Blasts Homosexuals

Nollywood actor and film director Dickson Iroegbu has lent his voice to the ongoing unrest over the signed anti-gay law in Nigeria.

The Presidential aide on tourism and creative entertainment took to his Facebook yesterday to say:

E be like say this gay guys don dey craze…Nobody is born gay! it’s a social influence and we would curb it in Nigeria jealously….

As members of the global community, the development of mankind is also our commitment as a people. Hence our view on salient issues count…we think that morality and character count in leadership and we commend our president for giving other world leaders a way to go on the same sex subject.

“I have been very vocal on that issue for many years my dear. And you’d recall I was even called gay by the media at a time. But I always knew the chicken will come home to roost, and here we are today. Mr President is a listening leader; Nigerians commend him for assenting to the bill against same sex marriage. The world should learn these good virtues from our people. There is no freedom or right in allowing the legalization of same sex marriage, simple! we commend our president for showing world leaders the right direction to follow on same sex.

“Who is human right? They cannot tell us how to make our own laws as a country. Europeans should stop thinking they any better than Africans…we don’t need their aid. Africa is ripe for investment, and will not hesitate to teach the world the right morals. The greatest human right that there is, is the right to fight against our extinction. Same sex is myopic amnesia against the development of Africa and Africans. Same sex is a myopic amnesia from haters of mankind. The first shall be last again…Africa our motherland is rising against moral and mortal operation. We salute our president. Our dream Nigeria is possible Delia. Let’s keep hope alive.”

The movie director was once accused of being gay but he has denied the allegations.