Nollywood Actress Esther Audu Shades ‘Jealous’ Colleagues Who Missed Her Wedding

esther audu colleagues missed wedding

August 11, 2016 – Nigerian Actress Esther Audu Shades ‘Jealous’ Colleagues Who Missed Her Wedding

Popular Nollywood actress Esther Audu married her boo, video director Philip Ojire few days ago.

The newly married actress who couldn’t hide her disappointment took to the social media yesterday to fire back at colleagues who missed her wedding for reasons best known to them.

Though the actress later edited the post but it was too late since fans have already grabbed the caption.

According to the above post, the female Nollywood stars who missed Esther Audu’s wedding include Ruth Kadiri, Rachael Okonkwo, Fiona Garba, Mary Igwe and Moyo Lawal.

10 thoughts on “Nollywood Actress Esther Audu Shades ‘Jealous’ Colleagues Who Missed Her Wedding

  1. u think u av arrived abi? see our mouth they are jealous of u, are u the 1st to get married or are u going to b d last? mumu girl if u like no go dey pray 4 God make dis ur marriage last small, make ur juju no disappoint u 4 road,

  2. Wow No matter whether no one came, You still had a great time and God was with you, And you know that your wedding is not about your friends so whether you have 200 friends there or 1 friend or family, there is no difference as it’s all about you Esther, Its your day, and your friends are only coming to celebrate you, so don’t fire people when it’s all about you and not your friends. As an actress you should know better, don’t blast people when you know nobody is at fault.

  3. It can be disappointing if people you consider your “personal persons” fail to attend your major events and do not give any explanation. The lack of explanation before the event sometimes is because they do not want you to feel demoralized when you are already stressed up with the planning details.
    Whatever the reason, failure to attend one event is not worth any media fight because there are always up coming events in your life journey they could attend. They also will definitelyhost events you are expected to attend and if you cannot have a large enough heart to forgive their non attendance at yours, then don’t attend theirs. You jam you laugh and joist and move forward, no big deal.
    From me though , I say CONGRATULATIONS !!!

  4. Didn’t they send their congratulatory msgs or gifts? Well Esther dear, not all invitations are always honored and do not expect everyone to please u cos that’s where you’ll start failing. Forget about it and act like u didn’t notice it’s not even like the above listed names are nollywood divas or very important personalities “ain’t de_grading them thou, don’t mis_quote me pls” Congrats to u both, praying of not getting a divorce update from u, just focus on ur marriage and career

  5. Stop sulking Esther. Those who missed the wedding may attend another occation in your life. Their absence might have been due to time constraint.
    All thesame, Happy married life. A wake to a whole lot of new challenges.

    I take a stroll…

  6. never expect people to treat u d way u treat them. move on Esther u have bigger things ahead. just thank God it was successful

  7. My dear, we know its painful when the people you call friends are not happy when you are happy and merry with you when you merry, but you should be thanking God for giving you your heart desire

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