Nollywood Actress Mary Remmy & Husband Jason Njoku On Vacation In Ghana

mary remmy jason njoku son

July 31, 2014 – See Adorable Pictures Of Nigerian Actress Mary Remmy & Iroko TV Boss  Jason Njoku Son

Nollywood Actress Mary Remmy & Husband On Vacation In Ghana; See Iroko TV Boss, Jason Njoku Son

The founder of iRoko TV, Jason Njoku and his wife, Mary Remmy are currently in Ghana for vacation.

The couple now based in the UK chose Ghana over Nigeria because of the current insecurity facing our dear country.

On Wednesday, their little son, Obi Jason Njoku turned one.

Here are photos taken on Obi’s birthday

The real definition of cuteness.

9 thoughts on “Nollywood Actress Mary Remmy & Husband Jason Njoku On Vacation In Ghana

  1. Look at the way the man is sitting as if he is the president of the federal republic, thank God he don’t hv too much money, he would have done wonders, this pixs has already shown the kind of man he is

    • @first comentator why d beef did Jason took ur wife because I don’t see a thing wrong with his posture

    • Ur so wicked and jealous of other peoples progress. U will surely reap the fruit of ur wickedness and envy. Always castigating and making negative comments about others. U have dirty heart Zombie Bezo, repent and be born again.

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