Nollywood Comedian Tayo Amokade Ijebu Acquires Mercedes Benz Car..Photos

ijebu mercedes benz

Comic Nollywood actor Tayo Amokade just acquired a wonder machine.

He broke the good news to fans few hours ago with this caption:

“Alhamdulilahi kosi kekere ore….. thank you Allah,for your grace #godsgrace #iloveentertainment #Godslove”.

ijebu buys mercedes Benz car

His new wonder on wheels is the motivation behind his mad display of joy in a comic video titled Ifa Pasuma.

6 thoughts on “Nollywood Comedian Tayo Amokade Ijebu Acquires Mercedes Benz Car..Photos

  1. Congrats……if na woman now, people will say na politician or man bought it for her…….abi this one get sugar mama?

    • Who knows maybe he is dating a female senator. Afterall, what goes for the goose is good for the gander

  2. nice ride but Driving yankee plates in naija is inferiority complex and frsc/police may shower rankadede with few notes on their palms…

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