Nollywood Movie Producer Ralph Nwadike Blasts CNN’s Christiane Amanpour “Don’t Insult My President”

Ralph Nwadike

Feb 8, 2013 – Nollywood Movie Producer Ralph Nwadike Blasts CNN’s Christiane Amanpour “Don’t Insult My President”

Highly respected and fearless CNN’s journalistChristiane Amanpour few weeks ago interviewed President Goodluck Jonathan.

Several Nigerians including Nollywood film maker, Ralph Nwadike claim they were insulted by the way Christiane Amanpour handled the interview. Watch the interview video here.

Ralph Nwadike took to his Facebook page on Thursday to express his displeasure of the interview.

Read what he said below:

A lot of people have joined issues on the above CNN’s respected journalist interview, but the fact remains that power has indeed improved.

Before now, l was used to buying 25liters of petrol every other day for my two generators at home. The last time l did buy a 25 liter jerry can was over a month ago, and l still have about 10 liters or so remaining.

From my part of Lagos, Surulere, power has truly improved, and it is going round. The rot that has caused Nigerians Billion of Dollars surely must take time to improve. The question is whose interest is Amanpour serving, when she did the embarrassing interview on My President?

I personally felt insulted by that interview, and the rag-tag investigative journalism she put together. It wasn’t a balanced interview , and it is to say the list with a bad intention.

And rather than to tier ourselves on the Face Book page, we should see it as a collective slap on our faces. Do you guys think a Nigerian journalist can take on President Obama the way she did my President, and get away with it? It’s about time we see the goodness in what our leaders are doing, and see Nigeria as our collective responsibilities.

If someone is doing well, tell him well done, so he can be strengthened to do more, but for goodness sake when you insult my President, and the commander in chief of the Nigerian Armed forces, and by the grace of God the Leader of over 160 Million Nigerians, you are taking on something far bigger than what the strength of CNN can take.

Simply put, POWER HAS INDEED IMPROVED IN MY PART OF LAGOS(Surulere), and Amanpour can take a flight down and find out herself, and correct the ugly interview.

20 thoughts on “Nollywood Movie Producer Ralph Nwadike Blasts CNN’s Christiane Amanpour “Don’t Insult My President”

  1. mr ralph or something, i suggest you go and f**k yourself.
    don’t ever post shit in this site anymore bcoz you hate

  2. oga ralph i feeeeeeeeeeeeel like hugging you. nobody outside has the right to tell me about my home more than me. and guys do’t have to be abusing to show your anger

  3. No matter what happen in dis country we just ave 2 b grateful 2 God nd our leaders nd at d same time pray 4 d country nd 2 support our leaders nd hope 4 a good nation


    • why are you living in hatredqw against mr President? can you say truly between you and your God that power has not improved in your area

  5. make una live dat fool wey call him self ralph alone,u tink say u go get contract abi?a nation blessed with natural resources it citizen still buy fuel to run generator and you happy.

  6. Mr Ralp, why don’t u go mind ur film production & stop playing a ball boy’s game. U seems to be one of those sycophant around GEJ who needs his patronage. Whose agenda are u talking of Amanpour playing?? U think CNN is NTA that is owned by d FG? CNN is a highly reputable broadcasting network that don’t give a damm who u are but analysis & scrutinises each high profile interviews. Come to think of it, did they force Okupe or Abati to looby for that interview?? They loobied & got the interview, CNN only put the interview on a scale & d result was d almighty embarrasment d whole world saw. If u must also know, CNN puts all Obama’s interviews on same scale they subjected Jonathan’s, they have never failed to make a meal of Obama whenever he goops in any interview he grants to even other networks. FG thought it cld leaverage on CNN’s versatality to market its deplated image, but ends ups making a fool of our President who dosent seem to know the real situation in Nigeria but relays on sycophants who decieves him that all is well. I leave in PH, for the past 4months or after d sacking of Nnaji, I have never had light for up to average of 10% each month & our almighty GEJ is proudly asking Amanpour to come ask me if Power is improving.. I spend about same amount for my rent & powering of my Genset each month dear beloved movie producer Ralp.

  7. Is this news? Nwadike can go to hell and conduct his own interview with his president. when will Nigerians stop sychophancy…..+2348057323826

  8. The Nigerian president needs to improve his speech. am not a nigerian but i felt ashamed that that is the president of the “giant of africa’ speaking.Amongst all the educated pple in Nigeria, u mean he is the best u guys can get?? poor command of english, low vocabulary, counting words

  9. Mr President has faile. He is simply a failure. Let’s learn to speakup when our leaders are not performing pls. Dat way, we’ll keep dem on d right tracks. D lady only did her job as a jounalist & she did it we’ll too. If u’re unhappy bcos she spoke d truth, TOO BAD dude!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. What a pitty we Nigerians never know the gravity of words sometimes,if dis man fails to accord respect 4.our No.1.citizen in dis means we’re no body as a country to him,4.dis cause,i expect him 2.beg our pardon 4.mis-addressing our dear president.can president Obama be abused and he be happy?

  11. Mr Ralph you are such an idiot for backing our president,you lack truth and you should be ashamed of yourself talking about buying fuel u suck buddy.we have many things than Ghana look at them today they are living,please spare us this shit you are saying and face your Firm.

  12. the problem is that he has money to buy the fuel ,had it been he has no money he will be truth to himself ,let call a spade a spade ,when you were to be patrotic we know and when we are to be honest let us be for the better future of the contry ,if you care to know there is freedom of speach in USA and i dont see anything abusing in this interview its only the ignorant chicks that saw words of abuse ,
    mr ralphs or what were you called be honest to yourself not even to nigerian

  13. It is a shame that in this country we value rubbish things more than life. Here, some people are upset that our president seems to be insulted because he is asked to account for himself. This is a president that under his wacth, people are in pains, no light, no water, simple basic things, people are DIEING daily go to our hospitals and see and some of us here are angry that respect is not shown to the president. The office of the president is to serve the people and since he is happy to be the president enjoying all the good things that come with that office he should also be able to give account of his time there and if he cant give account he shoud be asked to leave.In a country where citizens has no right a country where citizens are treated like animals.In a country where failed leaders are called “your excellency” we need to get our values right.

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