Susan Peters Blames Nollywood For Pushing Actors To Bleaching Their Skin

nollywood actors forced bleach skin

Susan Peters Blames Nollywood Producers For Destructive Skin Bleaching Trend In Nollywood

Popular Nollywood actress Susan Peters who was almost a victim of forced skin whitening has come after producers behind the destruction trend in the movie industry.

The dark and lovely actress briefly explained how Nollywood filmmakers pushed some of her colleagues to bleach their skin.

Here is how the actress shared her experience online:

‘’In a world and industry where dark skin is seemingly a crime, where I am told kaiii you black sha, like am supposed to give up this skin God blessed me with. They frustrated some to bleach their skin, oh well… Good luck with that, I love my BLACK AND IT’S GOLD.’’

3 thoughts on “Susan Peters Blames Nollywood For Pushing Actors To Bleaching Their Skin

  1. Black beauty. They will see the consequences of bleaching their skin some day, when skin cancer sets in or their skin fails to heal after a surgery (like one of our First Ladies some years ago). Besides, if your parents are black and you are white, wouldn’t the world question your DNA? It is shameful that the black woman is losing her authenticity and identity, in the name of modernity.

  2. You don’t blame producers but the actors who extra miles to get movie role. it is by force to get a movie role?

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