A Note Of Appreciation For Your Support: See What He Did To Me….

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A Note Of Appreciation For Your Support: See What He Did To Me….

Hello sweethearts,

How are you all doing. Hope life is treating you well.

I miss una plenty… chai!!! what a long break from blogging.

On a more serious  note, I miss all my lovely readers and interesting commentators.

You need to see how some fans have been cursing me out for abandoning NG.

It is not like that friends.

Here is what happened.

Before I relocated to the village (coded), we have an office in Ikeja Lagos with over 15 paid staff.

In a sad twist of fate, my trusted friend and manager who oversees advertisement and payment of salary absconded with a lot of money, so I have been doing a lot of run around to cover up extra expenses. I have to temporarily shut down the office as this crook also took off with the money he is supposed to pay for the agent overseeing the place. Infact it is a lot of story.

I came home last week to sort out the issue. For now, I don’t know where to start. Some people can be really heartless.

Well this is where I found myself.

This is why my late mother always tell me, trust nobody except yourself, your family and God. I too dey trust and now that I have seen the other side of life, I have to deal with it.

So this is what has been happening.

I have been surviving now with few of my freelance writers since I shut down our head office in IK.

Please bear with me my lovely people.

I will be updating the blog as much as I can mostly at night and weekends.

I may be off on some days.

Hope normalcy returns soon.

Lesson learnt!

Trust no one except yourself, your family(if possible) and God.

20 thoughts on “A Note Of Appreciation For Your Support: See What He Did To Me….

  1. I was worried as well. This is really painful. Is the person your family member. Pls don’t do business with them. They will suck u dry

  2. Work far from people like that. I was once in your shoes, I lost my business and almost lost my life to a childhood friend in Onitsha. There is something wrong with the black race

  3. It’s sad to hear this. This is more reason why a lot of people are avoiding people back home in 9ja. I hope you’ll be able to put yourself together and move on. Have learnt a lot of lesson like this in past that’s more reason i don’t really keep friends and I’m having trust issue with people in 9ja. So my advice for you is to do what you’re capable without depending on friends and some family. I mean your extended not your siblings. Because most of the so called friends and extended family are looking for ways to suck you dry. They only pretend when you’re around them and as soon as you return to your base they start showing you attitude. This people don’t think the way you see things. They’re all after quick money. They don’t believe in building wealth. Like you’re trying to build yourself and carry some of them along. One more thing. Never entrust people in 9ja with your money just try and be in control asin setup your 9ja online banking account and manage your money that way. IRE ooo

  4. I wonder why the site has not been updated on a daily basis.. God will restore all you’ve lost for you sis… That person is a loser…and the curse of God is on him/her… I pray that for you shame you shall be blessed bountifully with double…. I really miss you personally sis.. take care of you and be good… I’ll continue to visit your site on a daily basis…

  5. wherever you go the lord will protect you, His favor will continually be with you. God bless your knowledge and wisdom.

  6. Some people are wicked and don’t have a conscience. I hope that you recover your stolen funds. TRUST no one. I am learning not to trust people too!!

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