Notorious Nigerian Fraudster Fred Ajudua Jailed In Kirikiri Maximum Prison As Trial Begins


fred ajudua jailed in kirikiri prisonFred Ajudua & wife

June 28, 2013 – Notorious 419 Scammer Fred Ajudua Jailed In Kirikiri Maximum Prison In Lagos As Trial Begins

The application for bail by 419 kingpin, Fred Ajudua, was hurled overboard today by Justice Olubunmi Oyewole, who ordered him to remain in Kirikiri Maximum Prison until his trial is over.

Mr. Oyewole said Ajudua’s plea was not convincing enough, and ruled that the previous bail granted to him in 2005 could not be restored because he had taken advantage of the opportunity and fled. Mr. Ajudua disappeared after the judge granted him that privilege, re-emerging only after he was detained again this year.

As his case re-opened, Mr. Ajudua immediately asked the court to suspend proceedings on order for him to return to India for treatment of what he presented as a kidney problem, but when that application failed, he filed the bail application that was denied today.

“I am not persuaded that the applicant will present himself if the previous bail is restored or if he gets a fresh one,” the judge said.

Describing Mr. Ajudua’s claim that he required to frequently travel to India on account of his kidney as unconvincing, the judge pointed out that there had been no report whatsoever from prison doctors about Ajudua’s ill-health since he was remanded there.

On the contrary, the judge commented on how robust Mr. Ajudua appeared in court since he was remanded.

Justice Oyewole promised accelerated hearing of the case, directing prison officers to ensure Mr. Ajudua is promptly taken to the hospital should there be any exigency.

Trial will continue on July 8.

[Source: Sahara Reporter New York]