NTA Presenter Rasaq Gawat Still Missing

rasaq gawat nta staff

July 19, 2012 – NTA Presenter Rasaq Gawat Still Missing

9 days after ex-NTA staff, Alhaji Rasaq Aremu Gawat was declared missing, the incident is still being trailed by  mixed reactions.

Speaking  with newsmen, his wife, Alhaja  Gawat stated that if it were a kidnap, the kidnappers should name their ransom as Almighty Allah will provide it.

She appealed to them to  release her husband so that he can observe the Ramadan fasting in freedom with his family and other concerned fellow Muslims.

“I am appealing to the kidnappers who kidnapped my husband to please release him. Even if they want ransom, they should name their price, Allah will provide’’, she said.

Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola also said: “who ever has any clue or information on his whereabout should  report to NTA,  other media houses or the nearest police station. There is a price for that.”

Also speaking about Gawat’s whereabouts, Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu said: “Gawat’s disapperance is a surprise and disheartening to all.

 He  described him as an illustrous son of Lagos State.

Rasaq Gawat, 50, was declared missing on Tuesday, 10 July 2012.

17 thoughts on “NTA Presenter Rasaq Gawat Still Missing

  1. Insha Allahu, God will help us 2 find Abdulrasaq Gawat {amen}indina sirantal mustakima.

  2. May the Almighty Allah safe Rasaq Aremu Gawat whr eva he is N may he return home safly.Ni Ola Osu RAMADAN tawa yi.(AMIN)

  3. Brothers and Sister in Islam let’s pray hard to the Almighty Allah in this Month of blessing to make Alh Gawat to be seen for us we can not depend on these our polce or whatever but let us depend on to the Allah and be prayerful to him he is the Only none who can provide Gawatfor us and and for those people who did this to Islam Generally will not reap good from their labour (Amin) I believe that nothing Happen to him wherever is he let us just pray from the bottom of our hearth God Almighty shall anwser our prAyer (Ramadan Kareem

  4. Dear Muslim brodas nd 6tas,it is tym 2 sit back nd pray 2 ALMIGHTY ALLAH 2 pls bring ALHAJI ABDULRASAQ AREMU GAWAT back 2 us safely nd in gud health.Rmba d says of d Prophet (PBUH) who says “Al-muslim ahu l muslim”.Allahu Muhriju maa kuntun tektumuna {AMEENAH}

  5. GOD, in HIS infinite mercy and blessings will make it possible for us to find Abdul Rasaq Gawat. He is such a devoted muslim who is committed to the spread of Islam. I don’t know what could have transpired between him and some people that could warrant this kind of treatment. People should fear GOD o and put it at the back of their mind that they will be alone in the grave.Up till now, my mother is always asking me about the fate of Gawat. When she traveled to our hometown, she will always talk to me on phone to inquire on the progress made on the search for Abdul Rasaq Gawat. May ALLAH makes it possible for us to find him return back to his family alive.

  6. May almighty allah show us d way 2 see alhaji rasaq gawat,but naija is not secure,for a person 2 be missed for months & yet unseen,den pple of naija must be careful,may allah show us d way 2 see him.

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