Nuella Njubigbo Moves In With Tchidi Chikere, Married Nollywood Movie Producer

Nuella Njubigbo tchidi chikere

Oct 21, 2013 – Nuella Njubigbo Moves In With Tchidi Chikere, Married Nollywood Movie Producer

Nollywood actress Nuella Njubigbo who completed her NYSC service few weeks ago is in a serious husband-snatching scandal.

The producer of Jujuwood movie might have secretly rekindled her love affair with her ex-lover, Nigerian movie producer Tchidi Chikere, a married man.

As we are all aware that Tchidi dumped his wife and the mother of his three handsome boys last year to be with Nuella Njubigbo.

Things die down a little bit when the actress allegedly miscarried.

Ok, to cut the long story short, since her return from NYSC service, Nuella and Tchidi have rekindled their love. They’ve moved their relationship a step further.

According to sources in the know, the so-in-love Nollywood couple have bought a house together at Graceland estate in Ajah Lagos.

Nuella Njubigbo and Tchidi Chikere have been spotted together on several occasions shopping for products to beautify their new home.

We expect the couple to deny the story in order to cover up as usual.

For the records, before meeting Nuella, Tchidi Chikere was happily married to his wife Sophia for nine solid years.

Nollywood actresses and husband-snatching palava…..Hmmm things dey happen o.

26 thoughts on “Nuella Njubigbo Moves In With Tchidi Chikere, Married Nollywood Movie Producer

  1. Nuella as beautiful as you re can’t u find ur own husband
    Do you have to break your colleague’s home?
    These nollywood ladies can never change

  2. Why blame the girl? what of a married father engaging in extra marital affairs? Sophia should not take him back because he can never change

  3. Some of these Nollywood actress has forgotten that they are suppose to be role model to their younger fans, some youths want to aspire to be like them, but attitudes such as cheating with a married man, engaging in rituals and other negative vices should be taking very seriously by the industry. Sanctions should be imposed for some unscrupulous deeds.

  4. Nuella or what ever you call yourself, I want to give you a lady to lady advise forget nollywood. No matter how much he says he love you, he will love another woman the same also the golden rule of doing to others what you will have them do to you be sure you are with him everywhere even in the toilet because there is someone else who will break your home if you ever tie the knot with him. And those abandoned children o girl shine your eyes you are better than this, don’t be fooled polygamy no reign this is 21st century.

  5. I arrest my case in the book of Ecclesiastics that said, what ever a man sow so shall he reap. So for both Nuealla and chikere they will soon reap the fruit of their labour.

  6. Huh ? NUELLA ! is this true? I have always love and respect you,eeh nuella how do you sleep at night,why this married man with kids.what makes you think he will stay with you forever if he can back out of a 9yr relationship with kids, this nigger is not gonna stand with you to death,A woman life sperm takes a downwards change from 42years and i know you are not 20,him on the d other hand is complete and only need a sex slave and new companions because he already got kids.stop doing this to yourself and look for a man to call yours not ours,you are very beautiful and smart and i believe in you.since you are the reason for the seperation why not take it upon urself to bri.g them back for the omeluora he_goat a day will come when you will hate urself for your action.

  7. Understanding is the only key to any successful marriage. Whether the guy or the Lady is bad, the most important thing is understanding.

  8. Bezo, why are you always talking senselessly? You wants to generalise Nuella and Chidi’s action on Igbos? You don’t see that something is spiritually wrong somewhere. Since, as beautiful as Nuella is, she cannot get her self a husband? Young ladies are getting married everyday both ugly and beautiful, why not her? I suggest she go for deliverance at SCOAN also.

  9. Its a pity that Nuella is trading the path of Stella Damascus. You better ask Stella how she is faring with the business of husband snatching. Why not wait for your own time and man? Its so shameful that things are working anti-clock wise for some of you.

  10. nuella you are a very beautiful girl with talent, why don’t you look for your own husband instead of going for a married man with 3kids. please think about it very well cos all these married men that are not faithful in their marriage are like camelon, they always like to be moving from one to another,they don’t what my dear, you are very beautiful.pls don’t give that beauty to that camelon out there. think twice.

  11. nuella, so u,ve finally used ur jujuwood 2 cook 4 someone,s hubby ? i dey laugh. he just wants 2 collect all d money dat bald headed ameachi is giving 2 u. if u don,t leave someone,s hubby alone, hand wey meet funke akindele go soon meet u. beautiful foolish empty brain. shame on ur desendants if u cannot see just 1 igbo guy 2 propose 2 u. beautiful BAD MARKET.IF U DON,T RELEASE d fada of 3 children, ur case will b dat of d WOMAN WITH D ISSUE OF BLOOD !!!!!!!! OLOSHI. if u like ,consult 95 pastors, untimely death will b ur 1st visitor.

  12. Bezo u ar a fool.Can’t u say sometin reasonable 4 once.Ella nd Tchidi needs ur advise nd u ar here talking rubbish. Ella girl quit dat relationship bec he will also dump u 4 some1 else,do unto others wat u wnt pple to do 4 u,wat goes around comes around.

  13. Lord ve mercy on us o..Nuella luv pls quit ur r/ship wit TChidi n ask God 2 bless u wit urs…pls 4 d sake of his innocent kids

  14. Bezo,what tribe r u? I pity u cos I’m sure ur mother regreted d day she gave birth to u coz u don’t hav Future. Aboki shine my shoe

  15. Who are we to judge?? All of u dat are insulting nd critisizin, mk sure u’re blameless nd perfect jor!! M nt sayin wot they did is right, but abeg mk una free d couple, dem don alredi marry, if u like go hang urself die

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