OAU Students Locked Up VC & Lecturers During School Fees Hike Protest

oau students locked up vc lecturers

June 18, 2014 – OAU Students Protest Tuition Hike, Locked Up VC & Lecturers

Angry students of OAU, Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile Ife Osun State Nigeria on Monday protested their school fees hike by locking down all the major buildings on the campus.

During the protest, the students locked down the Senate building, main entrance to the school and the computer building.

Hear what the students told reporters on Monday.

“We have locked everywhere including the senate building; computer building and we are presently blocking the school gate. We are ready for the school management; we don’t care whatever happens to them there. The VC too is around, we want them to also feel what we are going through,”

“We have instructed the Muslims among us not to go for prayer. They prayed on the main road here. We already supplied them with water for their ablution,”

OAU recently increased the charges of its newly admitted students from N37,150 and N42,150 to N 82,400, N92,700 and N95,700 (acceptance fee inclusive), depending on faculties.

The charges of old students of the institution were also increased from N5,300, N7,800, N10, 300 and N12,800 per session to N19,700, N30,700 and N33,700 for different faculties respectively.

11 thoughts on “OAU Students Locked Up VC & Lecturers During School Fees Hike Protest

  1. Minister of education needs to do something about regulating the school fees
    The school administration are doing all this to gather something to their pocket. they care less about the future of our children
    I support the lock out

  2. the ogogoro still they disturb me, i beg every body with my **** breast make una forgive me for my stupid comment. na juju dey they disturb me…sea loooord. i no eat well last night..

  3. D fee has 2 be regulated,d govermen Or minister of education should always know dat hands are not ecqu,I believe some of ur children are not in nigeria dat is why u people increase school fees any our.The fees is too exsubitant 4 our parents. Is not even as if graduating 4m university would fech u job,we r doing dis all coz of our future.please we beg oOooooooooooooooo let it be 5 price

  4. Dia own beta oooo.EBSU fees was increase from 60000 to 128000 for non indigenes and 40000 to 88000 for indigenes…medicine,nusing,med lab, anatomy was increased to 188000 for non indigene and 128000 for indigene….some students hav dropped out bcos if dis…pls d govt shld hear our cry…wen we tried riot we wer suspended indefinately

  5. Of the greatest ife students! Aluta always dey run for Una blood .anyway this is another challange. We all know education is expensive even in abroad but lets take for example united states. The system makes it easy for the students to go to school there is students loans,government grants and schlolarships for students. Even students go to school and still work but our own nails everything is difficult to get money many people are jobless,many parents are not working where on earth do they want them to get such amount of money from? I remember when i was in ife that we were paying 5000 naira for school fees many parents could not still afford to pay please something urgent should be done to this matter

  6. please nobody should compare ife to schools that are paying exuberant fees we all know ife has been a school with low school fees rate compare to other schools in Nigeria and that’s why many poor students work so hard to read and pass then secure admission there so OAU should never compare itself to other paying so high. Of the greatest ife students oooo

  7. Seriously dis Bezo didn’t see d four walls of d university @ all,,,,,school fees ain’t supposed 2 be hiped up jst like dat overnite,

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