Meet Odi Dollars, Nigerian Facebook Scammer Who Flaunts Cash & Money Ritual Shrine To Scam People

odi dollars yahoo boyodi dollars nigerian facebook scammer

July 25, 2013 – Beware Of Odi Dollars, Yahoo Boy Who Flaunts Cash & Money Ritual Shrine To Scam People (Photos)

This was brought to our attention few hours ago, the guy in the above picture is a yahoo boy (internet scammer) who has scammed a lot of people through his numerous Facebook profiles.

The Nigerian boy who calls himself Odi Dollars claims he is from Accra, Ghana but sources who have talked to him claims he is a Yoruba boy from Ijebu Ode in Ogun state.

He has been in the business for a while and he targets foreign people.

The self-proclaimed spiritualist even provided a number where people can call him for spiritual help relating to poverty or any disease.

To further worsen the matter, he has different Facebook accounts in different countries where he shared the same photos to attract potential victims.

Check some shocking photos of Odi Dollars below

odi dollars yahoo boyOdi Dollars at this shrine

nigerian fraudster odi dollars

odi dollars yahoo boy

His shrine

Odi Dollars at his money ritual shrine

The product of his money ritual

Ladies and gentlemen please beware of this yahoo boy.

56 thoughts on “Meet Odi Dollars, Nigerian Facebook Scammer Who Flaunts Cash & Money Ritual Shrine To Scam People

  1. He has chosen his own part, but all everyone should know is that God time is the best. Oluwa sure pass as long as u have a hustle

  2. devil don,t giv something for free. who go to him for money making wil regret their action when d chips are down., be warn dat his money is blood money

  3. OMG!!!I need this guy contact,if I were him I we post more pitures than this for whole world to see the work of God in me,its God that do this not human being

  4. those are old pictures na.. i know d guy… money na be problem at all….
    though some na counter fit..u na go know

  5. Life is notin witout money, so u pple should lv him alone, infact who can giv his nomba so dat i can contact him

    • Really?? You must be as dumb as this low life scammer!!! Wow he’s not living in a mansion!! What he can’t get & buy a passport & plane ticket to the states?? Haha and how do you all know it’s not photoshopped money?? Or top pic money! And filled with paper!! Anyone ask for his business licenses? Where he got a degree in scamming! Oh I forgot!!! It’s called “Liar liar fakes on line University! 🤣🤣😂😂 Remember sounds to good because it is!! Whole do rich, so many cars! But the rest of his place & bed is Hmmmm not a bedroom or clothes or anything of a lavished wealthy man!! He steals,cheats,lies,fakes pic! While he can careless of helping his own people out!! Feel sorry the day god takes it all away!!

  6. Unbelievable, is this real? If is real pls make Money in a easy access joor. Na in gud 4 dem, dem think say na only dem get Machine 2 make money.

  7. Frustratio & povaty shoug’nt hav force a resposible human into dis. Hardwork no mata de bad system wil operate remain de answer.

  8. plz i know this dude personally he is in my Facebook list he is a big local scam dnt bother adding him oooh he wud ask for 100k first then give you a stupid wrist watch and some smelly water to bath with then after 14 days money would come but that is a big lie after that 14 days another story will come up involving another money of 150k…..nah scammer oh

  9. enjoyment in pains and sorrow, he is paying as much price as he gets. These is just an advert though for pple who have big eyes who will fall prey, and he would dupe them as well. His days are number except he repents.

    • how sad, and sick I pray to god he don’t ever get the chance to repent,, no way, he deserves hell,, any one that do all that hes done don’t have god in them, any way, let him burn, die, rott in hell, the world will be a better place for us all.

  10. he really chose d life he wants buh God iz involved in anifin i du,pray mke God gve u beta money weh no get implications

  11. Una men dis boy na biggest boy oo,omo abeg take am jeje and spend ur money oo,cus for naija how pple want do d work wey no dey,padi enjoy ur life with dis ur money safe 1 love

  12. trust and obey God and every other thing shall be added unto you. no power can give u wealth except God

  13. Odi or what eva u call ursef,u dont even look like someone dat is eating money.let me tell u,real money no dey hide! u look pale,dirty and haggard.

  14. Guy na naija we dey jare, na u know how u wan take make am, so far u make am 4 naija ooo, my guy odi $ I like ur way oooo

  15. Money Talks…if this hungry guy really made Money,he doesn’t need ti show us just the paper…go buy Bentley or Ferrari and open a Champagne and be popping bottles inside the luxury Cars…then,maybe I can believe you…Hungry GuyMan lol

  16. and yet he lives in a shanty apartment..only a fool can fall for such chapter please

    • He is from Ijebu Ode in Ogun state.. He is a known face there… Fraudsters always change their location to dupe their victims..Martins

  17. Look at him, look at the money and look at the location apart from the one he manage to snap in an hotel, you will know that this guy is a total scam

  18. ALL I CAN SAY IS I,M A VICTIM MY SELF, THESE THINGS ARE NOT HUMAN, NOT EVEN CLOSE THEY HAVE NOT HEART OR SOUL,, THE WHOLE TIME I WAS BEING SCAMED AND LIED TO BY THIS AWFUL LOOKING N…er who yes puts up a nice pic of a white man ugly ass bastards use your own ugly ass pic,s, any way I was living my own personal hell seeing my husband getting sicker, and then past a way. thew scamer only kept lieing and even blameing me that is so called money was here in the states, saying you got to help me, omg they was no damn money just what this son of satan had scamed from me. I,ll give them hell till the day I die,

  19. I,ll for ever hate damn ****** now. I want them all to die, burn, and rott in hell for ever, and they will. they are nothing but pure evil. they all belong to satan. as god said the wicked will have theres on earth. because god knows it is ill gotten money, they are getting and my god has nothing to do with evil., and never will . I,ll fight these bastards I,ll keep sending trash mail all over the world and the messed up country till they are changes made. every one that sees this keep it going on face book, who knows you may help save some soul from this evil these are the son s of satan,

    • Mary you’re very gullible to have fallen victim of these online scammers. In this developed age, you are very foolish to have send your money to any scammer.

      All the nonsense you’re saying doesn’t make sense they’re medicine after death.
      The fact you’re scammed doesn’t mean all blacks are scammers.

      What a foolish assumption. YOU ARE A VERY STUPID WOMAN.

      • Yinka you have said it all! What else can I say? How on earth can somebody fall a victim of this evil when u can study the environment the pics that the boy is in poverty struggling to survive in this time of recession? Mary u must be a very selfish and greedy to fall in his trap and I can see from ur words that u are not a good person. My dear, bad people will always reap what they sow and to u Odi, this is no hidden place for u. Nemesis will surely catch up on u whether u stop the crap now or not.

        • Yinka & Me Nanni
          You both are ignorant! How about all us Americans, Europeans Etc.
          Use fake hot ladies,Men’s pics but don’t ask for big amounts! How about we lie,fake,photoshop, Profess our undying love to you immature Nigerian,Ghana,India,China Etc. Shall I go on?? I guarantee I’d have both you, your friends, And prove a scam can be many things!! Wanna play??? Oh please take me on!! You stupid ignorant unkind uncaring assholes! Have no compassion or even care to educate people how so many lie! And it’s not just Nigerian people!!! Then educate ladies,Men,Elderly! Instead of calling Mary names, and talking about if she had a child n unkind words!!
          Hmmmm wonder if your mama regret ted having your uneducated stupid arrogant child as you?? I’m sure your mama’s so proud of you putting someone down who was trusting,lonely,sad, or just needed a friend or a support group or person to help her through a hard time of her/or his life.
          P.S. Hint again Jadore hmmm Angels
          Hmmm Gatekeeper, Hmmm synner!!
          Come play with me!! I’m not defenseless! Waiting!!!!
          Another hint California. Damn I’m handing it right too you!
          P.s. got a IPhone 11R if you can take me! Scam me? Yours lol😁😁😁😁🤗🤗🤗🤗🖕🖕🖕🖕😅😅😂🤣

  20. God go help every one of us .. nah God go do our own oooo.. God money they sweet pass devil own go spend God money with pec and happiness .. nah baba God money nah him me i get oooo.. me too i get all must 150.billion dollar’s in my house but nah God money me they spend oooo… boys make who nah work well and pray to baba God go do ham for you too

  21. all of your na dude .person dai his house dai make his money guy are here looking for rich and poor baba alwo

  22. See !! hustlers are different from ritualists……Real g-boy doesn’t get shrine…he works with brain

  23. guyz dnt give urselves head pains ..d coin odi is operating is not a force thing …odi wilingly choose his life of wealth in his way..nd i liked that way coz he made i and lot of guyz wat we are now…so if u not ok wt his line, u choose anoda 2 make it in life…dats simple…u dnt foce pple 2 serve devil or oda gods..dos money u al c there, ar damn real givn 2 him by his gods nd hes enjoyin it, we’re enjoyin it ,while u al count syllables nd blab…its a PITY

  24. Odi is a scammer, dirty, and what ever… Only God knows who’s pious amongst us all. People have supernatural powers and abilities and they choose what they want to do with them considering that they have to survive themselves. T. B Joshua choosed to hide behind Jesus and he is a Billionaire and that’s what makes him what you think he is… In Ghana where I live there are many so called Pastors who are increasing making the act of miracle seem casual… They are even all over the place in the media advertising and looking for followers, that’s how they make their money… I think all of you people here criticising ODi dollar have no idea what this world has become. Money making no matter the form it takes provided it makes man wealthy is absolutely acceptable… Our politicians, business people, public and private administrators, So called men of God etc etc are the biggest scammers of this world.
    As for Religion, until the coming of the European and their religion(Christianity) Africans knew our gods and the gods of Odi dollar…
    The Christianity which some of you so much adore was only a bait for the Colonial imperial governments to steal from us our resources and created a first world which we all crave to be….

    Odi carry on…0244093156

  25. We are baba tunde testifiers he help my life out of poverty while I was in Accra ….to meet him reach me I have his connection..+23****69715

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