Omotola Jalade Accused Of Beating Her Husband Matthew Ekeinde

omotola jalade beats husband

Feb 14, 2013 – Nigerian Actress Omotola Jalade Accused Of Beating Her Husband Matthew Ekeinde

Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade who recently escaped tummy tuck surgery scandal is yet in another serious scandal involving her husband, Captain Matthew Ekeinde.

According to a source who sent NaijaGists an email a couple of days ago, the beautiful mother of four is fond of beating her husband at the slightest provocation.

Contrary to her popularized 35 age, insiders said the reality talk show host is now over 40.

The source claimed Omotola Jalade is secretly battling early menopause signs like hot flashes which sometimes forces her to lose control.

Captain Matthew Ekeinde, an easygoing man who married the actress at a tender age of 17 is a gentle man by nature.

“During the course of their marriage, Captain Ekeinde has never beat the actress simply because he adore her” said the source.

Before we start pointing accusing fingers, let’s wait for her own side of the story.

For now we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

57 thoughts on “Omotola Jalade Accused Of Beating Her Husband Matthew Ekeinde

  1. i,m not so sure.he is call captain and yet his wife beat no this is disgrace to captainhood and manhood.

  2. This is serious. Omo sexy, beating her husband. What morals does she teach her
    children if she’s doing this? God have mercy.

  3. Hi Fans. The fact that you want hear stories about your stars does not mean that you have the right to go into her private and matrimonial matters. This is only capable of creating problems for the actress. Pls avoid intruding into someones personal life. There is no perfect marriage. There should be problems here and there in marriages but since they have been able to stay for these long period dont interfere in their personal and private affairs!!! Leave them alone pls.

  4. Bello, I agree with your position. Please do not create problem for the family. The husband never complain(at least publicly). The so called insider if truly an insider, should keep the secret of the family inside the family. No reltionship is perfect, and the society support them to keep the family together, ad not tear it apart. shikena.

  5. Some people will just woke up one day and don’t know what to do, except to destroy they live with them ,it’s no body business.

  6. Hmmm it sound incredible a little patient to hear her own side of the story.concerning her age i too doubt the 35yrs the woman is more than that,anyway you may reduce your age but your body chemistries will maintain the actual age.sweet sixteens know they are matter the putty make up,any way make up are actually to make up beauty deficiency.

  7. the husband is a woman too, the two of them are women because a man that is called man can not allow such abomination , as far as am concern that is abomination. god forbid bad thing.

  8. She must be a big fool to do that,she cannot try that with me nonsense,oga call me let me come and handle her for you.


  10. The husband is the greatest fool on earth has big and matured that he his the wife is still cheating on him he supposed 2 hang himself Madman……he supposed to beat the wife that her family wud cum and rescue her what an arrant nonsense!!!!!

  11. i cant belives this, but why those attress alway want devoice in there marriege bcoz this is what can lead to devoice. At d age of 35 make a paece with ur family.i lv u i dont wt to hear such from u again.

  12. Uhmmm she does look bully but i dont think she could beat her hubby. The AGE!!!! yeahhhhhhhhh she looks more than 35yrs, but, we can only take what she gives us.

  13. i am not surprise because the way she always perform in a congregation i suspect that she may be taking drugs before coming to the stage. this act is not her natural power. please you people should try to test her very well before coming to the stage for concert.

  14. Y cant pipo jst mind their own business,i wonder y they like poping their nose in other pipoz business.She cant do that,coz she is a well respected mother.If that’s the case,then shame on her.But i believe in her so much.

  15. Evenif it was what happened ,is a family matter,they will still reconcile,stopped pokenosing into another person affairs,no need of questioning her if she thinks that is good for her fine

    • I cont believe dis omosexy plz I hope is nt true becos ur fans loves u nd I ur fan love u too I am always wit u as ur good fan,,,,,, plz don’t do dt

  16. Let the man handle his family issue by himself even if it’s true, afteral the worst happens in many ungodly homes today, or is it because she’s a Star? Omotola go ahead and beat your husband if he allows that, and if it gives you joy.

  17. If she beats her husband and still manages to kip her home, i dont think is anybodys business. shikena!
    After all so many actress are devorcing everyday but she is still with her husband

  18. Well if all dis story abt omosexy is true dat means d world is turning upside down.Hw can a woman beat her husband. Dis is a tabooooooooo.

  19. i heard she is very rude even wit her colleuges but if is true dat means her beuti is not complite but i wont judge her but advice hr to repent.

  20. Omosexy can not do that maybe they are playing love or showing her husband things they act on movie so u guys should leave celebrities alone with there family problems i hate all these rumours for God sake let them be.

  21. Omotola u are not serious , no matter wat ur husband does u are nt expected to abuse him not to talk of beatig him omotola i nid to see u i want to talk to u incase u want to call me ave my numba:08188172780

  22. If she is into husband beating, that is bad. As for age she cannot be over 40. She is a 1995 product of Command Secondary School Kaduna, her rightful age will be about 35 years given that 16-19 is the school leaving age in standard secondary school.

  23. You AMEBO, marriage destroyer, i strongly believe that, that insider does not have a stable relationship so, the person what her to be like him/her, he/she just what something to tarnish the image of the couples, even if the person is right must the person expose them to the world? is their lives let them live it the way they are pleased, dont destroy the marriage of the happy family. And if what you says destroy their marriage or have negative effect in their marriage remember that, their is a punishment for you before the Lord as the Bible says WHAT GOD HAS JOIN TOGETHER LET NO ‘MAN’ PUT ASUNDER, or else you may see the other side of God, be careful.

  24. what is the the bless of the so called insider he or she should mind their own not other people own jealousy

    • what is the business of the so call insider he or she should mind their own that is they should clean the dirty in their eye before cleaning another man own . jealousy.

  25. I dnt belief d story,omotola,it is nt Godly incase u did it,stop doing such,remember u av a male child,may God help u.amen

  26. Der re things dat we should our common sense no matter hw small a man his a woman can not beat him up abeg make stop dey talk rubbish# naijagist# pls use ur head b4 u write all dis shit u feed ur with jus bcus u want pple 2 visit ur blog he no make any sense 2 me #YDS#

  27. Dat‘s y we call it marriage. The most difficult but easiest institution to pass thru. May be it‘s bcos of d beating dat makes the man prefer her to others.
    Choice differs anyway, we can only react if the man is complaining. But if he is not complaining then leave them alone.

  28. Al I no is dis!!! Popularity creats rum fo public introders…… I pray fo peace in your family OMOTOLA… An if its a frame God would vindicate u… God bles ur home ma’a..

  29. I’m Sammy I have a sentence to define Omotola, a beatiful woman without virtue is useless, may she 4get that there ar so many upcoming nigerian ladies lookin up Τ̅☺ her as there role anyway, ℓ̊ pray it will not b too worst for b4 she change from dis unaceptable attitude

  30. Physically she cannot handle her husband talk less beat beat him, let us think we’ll before we contribute to any matter, the best we can do is pray for ourselves.

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