Omotola Jalade Ekeinde’s Family On Vacation In Italy – See Her 4 Children & Husband

omotola jalade family vacation italy

August 22, 2013 – Omotola Jalade Ekeinde’s Family On Vacation In Italy – See Her 4 Kids & Husband

Nigerian actress Omotola Jalade and her family members are currently on vacation in far away country of Italy.

The actress announced in July that she’ll be taking some time out to unwind with her crew in Italy.

This is Omotola’s first visit to Italy. The actress shared the above photos of herself and her husband, Captain Matthew Ekeinde Jr with her 4 grown kids in Florence, Italy.

omotola jalade family in florence italy

Omosexy’s family members have travelled from Rome where they landed to the beautiful city of Florence.

The all look really lovely. Check out those legs…. .Beauty runs in their family for sure.

They’re definitely having a great time there.

Omosexy make u no forget to bring us Italian shoes o.

33 thoughts on “Omotola Jalade Ekeinde’s Family On Vacation In Italy – See Her 4 Children & Husband

  1. her daughter go set pass her oo.glad she took her hubby along..other nollywood actors shld emulate them than all their busy body side shows


  3. This man na omotola hand bag, this guy is just a disgrace to a manhood, no wonder she dey beat u, ever since dey sack u 4 airport, u dey follow ur wife up and down, neva go find anoda work

  4. I thank God 4 ur life & ur family, God wil be wit u all & ur joy wil never turn 2 sorrow in d name of Jesus.

  5. Omosexy ♈ōϋ Ʀ d real celebrity n†̥ like others,God ωi̶̲̥̅̊ll bless n guide ōϋя family.i̶̲̥̅̊’ love ōϋя Family.

  6. Mrs Omotola,for u to hv taken care of ur children till dis time nd still in nollywood industry, at d sametime wit ur husband,infact,u are such a good woman.i respect u a lot. By God Grace u nd ur husband shall eat d fruit of ur labour nd none of d children wil get miss IJM.AMEN

  7. OMOTALA, I love u nd I will continue loving u till d end of time.I love ur slim legs. In short I love every thing about u.

  8. To be a celebrity with your home intact is seriously God’s wisdom, nne keep it up, anyway gossip has nothing to with you, because I believe you should be used to it by now. So beating husband or not, let that not border you, please keep your home and always ask for fresh grace when ever you run into serious challenge, I strongly believe you fear God, so I know you can’t do such you have been accused of, paraventre any thing like that has ever happened because of anger, ask our father for his forgiveness God is faithful and just, ready to cleanse you from every unrighteousness. So go with your shoulder high, you are a convant, child nothing do you o jari.

  9. That critic should watch his mouth before God strike u. Every marriage has its challenge. Omosexy u re too much. I once called u in person from kaduna just to twll u how muxh a fan of urs i am. These kids are cute. May God bless ur home. I wish to see u face to face someday.

  10. the young man i.e the HUBBY in question is not complaining, I don’t know why some persons drink paracetamol in another people’s affairs.please Omosexy beeke,just flex ur family na God give u.I Ella envy u,wanting to be like u *#my*roll**#model#*

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