Omotola Jalade Reveals Husband’s Designer Underwear In 20th Wedding Anniversary Photos

omotola jalade husband underwear

March 29, 2016 – Omotola Jalade Opens Husband’s Designer CK Boxer In 20th Wedding Anniversary Photos

The Ekeindes marked their 20th wedding anniversary last week Wednesday in Honolulu Hawaii.

Their anniversary was the talk of the town here in Nigeria.

To keep the story alive, Omosexy just released a raunchy photo of herself opening up her husband’s shirt to reveal his expensive CK boxer.

omotola jalade husband underwear

Omosexy wetin we wan use your Oga on top’s boxer do??

Make u no mind her, she is doing open invitation to ladies…#my man is hotter than yours…hehehe

20 thoughts on “Omotola Jalade Reveals Husband’s Designer Underwear In 20th Wedding Anniversary Photos

    • Your sister, daughters and wife may also be among the vultures. Before you comment read through and check if you’re free of that particular case you are commenting on in all ramification. Don’t just comment anyhow, just for commenting sake. The world rotates. Be wise! A word is enough for the wise.

  1. These Nollywood stars sa, there is nothing they don’t boost about. Their unnecessary showoff is off the hook, why showing your husband boxer? Why not show his full nakedness? I like Omotola acting skills so much, and I celebrate with the couple and their wonderful children for celebrating 20 years wedding anniversary. But showing the world that your hubby wears designer underwear is childish in my view. Omosexy is by far one of the best and most talented actress in Nollywood after Mrs. JOKE Silver. Once again, happy 20th anniversary to Capt. Ekehinde and my beautiful sister Omotola.

  2. D picture may not be as it seems, they might have been playful n it was taken off guard. I really don’t think she’s trying to show off her husbands underwear.. we Nigerians just take things too personal… chill naa…don’t we all take a string of photos doing silly things which we end up liking more than actual serious pictures…just saying
    And it’s not just nollywood stars dat do it..American celebs do it as well..but u don’t complain about theirs..enjoy urgent marriage omo sexy

  3. Is that CK I see before me? That’s the difference between the men and the boys; men don’t wear CK. Lol

  4. Jokes apart, they make a beautiful couple. Dare I say another 20 years and beyond? Happy 20th anniversary and oodles of blessings from above. Way to go guys.

  5. 5 euro boxer, I am ashamed of u and ur husband and I think this is a new boxer u just bought for him and even if u bring ur pants I know some dirty pants which is more than 6 years are there where u keep ur pants dem why showing d new boxer u just bought for ur husband

  6. Wow so childish what is new in this My young children all wear this,African mentality.i thought flying all over the world has civilized her. Any ways in europe this is nothing from my point of wiew

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