Ooni Of Ife Getting Married To Another Man’ Wife, Sonia Itohan Wuraola Otiti Pregnant -Palace Source

March 9, 2016 – Ooni Of Ife Ogunwusi Taking Another Man’s Wife, Sonia Itohan Wuraola Otiti Pregnant – Palace Source Confirms Rumour

It is official, the news NaijaGists.com broke yesterday and today over the upcoming wedding ceremony of Ooni of Ife to controversial Benin socialite Sonia Itohan aka Wuraola Otiti is true.

Here is what a confirmed source at the palace said.

“The news is true even the oba is aware but turned deaf ears thinking they are blackmailing her. Infact he was quoting Isaiah 55 vs 8 and some gullible people were hailing his decision including the sisters.

Kabiyesi love fair ladies so am not surprise. They didn’t consult ifa for kabiyesi himself (he bribed the afobajes with cash and cars) so how will they consult Ifa for their new ashawo yeyelua.

May God help us that stool has been lessened so sad.”

31 thoughts on “Ooni Of Ife Getting Married To Another Man’ Wife, Sonia Itohan Wuraola Otiti Pregnant -Palace Source

  1. The people of Ife should know that mistakes like this one their Oba is about to make is enough to bring calamity to them, for all I know kings get married to only decent women from decent backgrounds .there’s an urgent need for him to forget about yellow punani and face reality.

  2. I hope that baby belongs to Kaabiyesi. I suggest a DNA test be done ASAP. God forbid the heir to the throne is another man’s baby. That will be the beginning of the Oba’s problems. There is something sinister about this woman, my instincts tell me something is not right. The most powerful men in the Bible were brought down by women. May God prevent a calamity in this new monarch’s reign. Let someone explain to whatever her name is that she cannot re-marry ever, BEFORE she enters into this marriage, as it appears she finds it hard to stay with one husband. IFA, ORUNMILA, ORANFE, where are you? Your son, Kaabiyesi Enitan Adeyeye needs prayer o.

  3. i feel so sad today about this news of Oni getting married to this lady with so much bad reputation surrounding her, what is it about light skin woman ? this will have terrible implications,is it just bad for the culture and heritage, history will not forgive these afobajes for going along with is, wish he was not picked at all, the throne is the grand source of the Yorubas.this is a stain on the race.am just forcing myself to write this. just sad!

  4. Dis girl must be hot damsel in bed dat makes all dis men dat hv been wit her heardly find it so difficult 2 let go.

  5. If all this that I am reading is true about the Oba, then we are looking at another Samson of our time. Please keep him in your prayers that this lady would not bring him down.
    Oba Adeyeye you shall not mortgage your destiny on the lap of Sonia Itohan in Jesus name.

    To you Sonia, don’t you think it is time to truly give your life to Christ so that He can rewrite your story. He is the only destiny changer and the rewriter of story.
    Shout Alleuia!

  6. i wish kabiesi allow this girl to go and look for another lady from real Yoruba land. Ooni is the most infulential oba among obas in Yoruba Nation he can not marry any how lady.

  7. When the king makers crowned a funky dude their king, what else do you expect? The king has traveled. He is educated and exposed. It is likely that he now regards the whole ifa as manipulation of the people by shrewd priests. This is what exposure could do to a man: you could wake up one early morning and dare your ancestors to their faces.

    Well, let’s sit back and watch the adventurous experiment. Should the gods of the Ooni order fail to do act, it could then give credence to a theory that lies and deceits are used to procure fear and reverence for any throne.

    On a lighter note, next time they want to crown an oba, let them look for a timid illiterate: he is probably the only person that would not defy the throne by making frivolous pursuits. II

  8. Aggrey or what ever you call yourself, be very careful about what comes out of your mouth or pen with regards to Yorubas way of life. We have the most respected and decent tradition, culture and heritage in the universe. The fact that may be, one person is descending so low to have taken in a may be indecent woman for a wife does not mean that Yorubas are like that. Yes, the stool of Oodua may be going down the drain, yet the Oba has his own life to live.At least , is performance so far is incredible. It is his choice and prerogative to marry a very befitting wife, but if he prefers a nonentity, the gods of our land may excuse the mess. He is just one person. Time might have passed, but the doctrines of law established by Yoruba ancestors live on, that is tradition.We have implacable tradition that is second to none.

  9. A stubborn fly will always follow the corpse to the grave. I’m waiting patiently to see the end of this drama.

  10. Awww I once said it, the kings is viewing the whole scene another way round. Anyways, let him suit himself.

  11. please pray for those in authority or our leaders and not pulling them down.know very well no one is perfect…


  13. the fast is that, why cant the ooni adeyeye marri Yoruba lady or even take wife from ile ife rather than go outside Yoruba land……its a slap on ile- ile people

  14. Egberi Mama, is you from Bayisa State? Abeg greet Timaya for me. It get many songs wey I have write wey I wanted to sold to Timaya but I not having his nombers. Abeg you get his phone nomber? Send am to me make I calling him so that he fit by the song wey I have write. No be only Timaya sef. I have also write song for Niga Raw. I here say he from Abia State. I will go that place one day make I beg baru pushers to give me his nomber bicos I here say he was push baru bifor.

  15. you people should leave WURAOLA alone for God sake, God will punish all of you that are spoiling her name go are look for ur husband.

  16. no one dose not have pass history, remember that Jesus set a woman whom was married for five time free by telling those men were not her and today she going to meet her really hubby. so let her be.

    • Val, you missed the point. It is not a question of who is or is not a saint, but about the sanctity of the oba’s throne. The oba should nor marry a prostitute, or a woman on whose head had already been paid a bride price. Get it?

  17. This is highly dissappointing , so our Oba has to settle for this when he can get untouched girl, virgin, never been spoilt, never been married as a wife in that ile ife to give us pure arole. Yeyelua of omo runs to give us arole chai, na wah oh.

  18. this a movie, we are seriously watching, but unfortunately the movie may last for years and ends somehow- whether well or bad! lets keep watching! For Olori Adebukunla Adebisi the Lord will open your womb and you will laugh last.

  19. After reading all these stories , it is very disappointing. May the lord show Ooni , the picture of himself and life!

  20. Though as a Christian i am disappointed that barrenness should cause a woman her rightful place. I pray GOD opens her womb, both women. Since the Ooni is obviously polygamous. But,love has proven to create strange behaviors. It took me a while to understand the prince Charles/late princess Diane and Camille situation. I know Camille has a title too, but, don’t remember! The point is we have heard this kinds of tales before and this will not be the last! By the way, they are both beautiful!…

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