Critic Warns Mike Adenuga To Lose Weight Because Of Diabetes Risk


mike adenuga diabetes

January 2nd, 2017 – Glo Owner Mike Adenuga Risks Diabetes Because Of Overnight Weight Gain

Opinion piece by popular commentator Jilo

Looking at this man really shows that he is battling being overweight. We can enjoy this life if we do things in moderation. Being rich at times doesn’t mean you are getting all comfort in this life In fact it may push out many illnesses out of our body which may make you become more sick every time.

mike adenuga fat

For example this man may be too comfortable to the extent that everything is being done for him just because he is a rich man, he may not be able to walk freely, doing some exercise and plus he may be fed with food that is not right for his body unknowingly which can cut his life span short.

My point is, life is about moderation. We human being are rushing to amazing wealth, money, properties which we do not really need. Having too much of these things are not beneficial perhaps may cause us harm instead of good. Having money is good but to some limit.

I personally do not have to be a billionaire to live a good life. One nice car is ok for me and my family. At most 2 cars in case of emergency. Any thing above that is luxury. What do I need 50 cars for?

Sometimes it is the greediness that send some people to their early grave. At times there are some certain foods that we eat that our body doesn’t really need but because we have too much money to buy them we will start to create problem for ourselves.

Our problem is overdoing things which eventually causing havoc in our life’s not by being poor. For the fact that I cannot eat dinner with a cup of wine doesn’t mean I’m a poor man.

If we really examine the lives of some rich people, we may not really want to live the same life they are living.

What we are looking at is Billion of Dollars they have. Having said this, does not indicate that I have any bias mind towards Chief Adenuga,.

In fact I’m very happy for his achievements but it is proper to share simple logic of life among ourselves.