Outrage As Buhari’s Son Yusuf & Daughter Zahra Graduate From University Of Surrey UK

buhari children graduate uk university

July 13, 2016 – Outrage As Buhari’s Son Yusuf & Daughter Zahra Graduate From University Of Surrey UK

Most Nigerians expressed their displeasure yesterday as photos of Buhari’s children (Yusuf & Zahra) graduating from a UK university emerged online.

See comments made by some Nigerians on the social media yesterday

Buhari’s children secured admission at the University of Surrey years before their father took office.

PMB was sworn in as the President of Nigeria on May 29, 2015.

27 thoughts on “Outrage As Buhari’s Son Yusuf & Daughter Zahra Graduate From University Of Surrey UK

  1. On a very good day, nobody would have cared a hoot even if Zahra and her brother had graduated from the University of Heaven. But our politicians love to feel like gods among men, they want the masses grovelling before them in worship and adoration for favours. The only way they can maintain this status quo is by making sure that nothing works in Nigeria, thereby keeping the poor man perpetually stunted and deprived.

    I don’t wish no man some bad fate. But I thank God that after all this class thing that socially and discriminately separates the rich and the poor, sickness takes them both without segregation, and death comes at last to unite them all into one: dust and ashes.

  2. what is the fate of poor masses that can’t afford going to school abroad,how i wish dat they wil pass a law dat every public office holder’s children starting from president,senate,house of assemblely,governors,ministers,ambasidors and even local. government chairmen will school in nigeria,then u see our schools here in nigeria will b vry well equipt, oga buhari congrate to ur children dat just graduated,but pls help us to standardize our schools here in nigeria,to avoid producing educated illiterates.


  4. Always looking for opportunity to say something negative about our President. You cannot please everybody, if they school here people will say upon their father’s wealth he could not afford his children’s tuition abroad. Leave Baba alone.

    Congrats to Zahra and her brother Yusuf.

  5. I don’t think this should be a problem or hot the minds of Nigerian. Every other person who can afford sound education can get to where they are. There is a common saying that the patient dog eat the fattest bone. Let’s patiently wait and see how things will gradually turn for good in the next three years and if not people have the choice to vote him out of power in2019.

  6. Are you suggesting that he should have brought his children back home to school here just because he became president? Pls let’s think first before typing.
    We criticize the wrong things. Instead of talking about the rising cost of diesel , the high tariffs on electricity , the rising corruption in the Customs , the menace of robbers , the poverty in the land etc.

  7. Ignorance would son kill many Nigerian back there at home in Nigeria. These innocent kids has gotten admission and already started their various academic programmes respectively on before their father won the elections as a Nigerian President. Look, i have many family members schooling in Foreign Land including myself and our children who are grand children respectively. Anyone can choose wherever to study in respective of your financial ability. Nigerians needed to be lectured and civilized. Nigerians at home need to wake up from slumber.

  8. I don’t see anythg wrong in sending ur children abroad to study since our education system cannot be compared to that of over there, most of millionaires in d country do that, so we shouldn’t say bcos he is the president that he should not give his children d very best of education, and moreover the children had started the school before he became the president.
    Our focus should be how we can all make Nigeria to be a better place, bcos we all av a part to play.

  9. Congratulations to them.I know some people would want to raise dust here, but get it clear,they left the shores of the country to study abroad even before their father became the President.E ye binu eni ti o ti dara fun. It’s the children of the number one citizen of the country we are talking about here, so,congratulate them and wish them well so that you too can be congratulated for good things of this nature.

  10. All these politicians loves sending their children abroad to study while they’re here destroying Nigeria

  11. Outrage over what? President Buhari didn’t create the mess that collapsed our higher institutions of learning. Infact, as at the time the president was overthrowned by criminality pioneer government of Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida in 1985, Nigerian institutions are highly rated in the world, and one of best in Africa. Students come from around the world with majority of the international students from West African nations of Ghana, Cameroun, Senegal, Niger, and Liberia just to mention a few to our once respected universities. U.I, OAU, ABU, UNN, and University of Lagos are among the best in Africa in terms of education performance, quality of teaching, infrastructures, and name recognition. But today, the reverse is the case. Secret Cult, aristos, bribery, and prostutioin are common features of our shattered educational system. Common Local govt. Chairperson and commissioners now send their children abroad for a better and quality education. Only a foolish person will be outrage over the fact that two of the president’s children graduated from a university in UK after over three years of being admitted to the university fAR before their fat her became president. This will be one of the dumbest and unreasonable outrage or anger in the world over nothing but hatred. Are will (the people) faithfully doing our part to improve our education and make Nigeria as a whole a better nation? Let everyone angry person answer that simple question with sincerity in your heart.

  12. Congratulations to them. I know some people would raise dust about this when it is glaring that they left the shores of this country to study abroad long before thier father became the President. Mind you, it is the children of the number one citizen of the country we are talking about here

  13. why the ranting, ordinary civil servant send their children abroad to study why Mr president now is a crime. i believe they didnt gained admission one year ago, they were there before their father became a preident.

  14. why the ranting? ordinary civil servant in Nigeria send their children abroad to study, why Mr president now is a crime. i believe they didn’t gained admission a year ago, they were there before their father become a president.

  15. Nigerians can hate. for goodness sake even local government councillors send their kids to school abroad talk more of the president of the whole country.mind you they started schooling before their father became president.let’s assume they were schooling in ABU Zaria,which is ofcourse the most likely university they wouldve attented.do you imagine the pressure and attention they will get ,coupled with the dangers they might face,especially from terrorists and kidnappers etc .Haters should give dis man a break.People hate on success for no reason n thats why their miserable conditions continue to be permanent.Those complaining are simply myopic in the head.

  16. Buhari never had his WASCE or GCE OL now he has many children who have made it to University Level. Buhari children can now take it from where their father stopped. They have what it takes to continue their father legacy. To some anti Buhari do you want his children to provide their high school diploma too? They have even gone beyond that. Congratulations to both promising youngsters.

  17. I wl tx d TRUTH and let d devil b ashamed.

    2 all enemies of PDP#U KNOW URSELF, if it were 2 b any of d pdp’s children dt graduated 4m abroad university, I know d blunders u would av txed. But, now it APC #president, who said “all politicians & families wl utilize NIG hospitals, universities etc” all u could say is congratulations!

    APC PDP all liar’s.

    Der’s no TRUTH in ds world again. Dey swallow dir words wen it comes 2 #me#myblood#mypeople.


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