Palace Chiefs Accuse Alaafin Of Oyo Of Sponsoring Hired Killers, Sue IGP For Refusing To Probe Him

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August 24, 2016 – Palace Chiefs Sue Police For Refusing To Probe Alaafin Over Bomb Planting, Gun Running & Assassinations In Oyo Town

Chiefs Accuse Alaafin Of Oyo Of Sponsoring Hired Killers To Kill Targets, Sue IGP For Refusing To Probe Him

A new detail emerged on Tuesday on the faceoff between the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi and two of his traditional Chiefs in Oyo town, Jacob Oluokun and Sulaiman Ajiboye Ishola .

The duo of Oluokun and Ishola have dragged the acting Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Ibrahim Idris, before a Federal High Court, Ibadan division on allegation of contempt arising from his refusal to carry out a lawful order of the court.

The applicants, who are both indigenous of Isale Oyo in the ancient town, asked the court to commit the police boss to prison for allegedly refusing to obey an order of court which had directed him to investigate the monarch over some criminal allegations levelled against him by the traditional Chiefs.

In the suit marked. FHC/ CS/54/2014, the applicants, in form 49 (committal to prison), filed by their counsel, Mr. Abiodun Abdul- Raheem, urged the court to compel the IGP to show cause why he should not be committed to prison after he/his office had refused to investigate criminal allegations levelled against the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi 111as ordered by the court in its ruling of December 15, 2014.

The committal proceeding was filed by Abdul-Raheem on August 22. Form 48 was served on the former IGP, Solomon Arase in June last year, warning him of the consequences of disobeying court order.

The order relied upon by the applicants was issued on December 15, 2014 when Justice N. Ayo-Emmanuel has issued an order of Mandamus, compelling the police boss to investigate allegations of crime contained in a letter signed by the applicants and dated March 18, 2014, with the title ‘Unprecedented Criminality, Flagrant Human Rights violation, Bomb planting, Gun running and unresolved assassinations in Oyo town, Oyo state’, and delivered to his office on April 17, 2014. No date has been fixed for the hearing of the suit.


11 thoughts on “Palace Chiefs Accuse Alaafin Of Oyo Of Sponsoring Hired Killers, Sue IGP For Refusing To Probe Him

  1. All the dates indicate the incidences happened in 2014 and the write-up says it is the FORMER IGP that was 2015 June. Relying on 2014 occurrences to commit someone in 2016 sounds not right particularly as it is stated that it was in the era of a former holder of office. Just wondering aloud because if “Robbing Peter to pay Paul” is frowned upon, “punishing Peter for sins of Paul” also sounds not right.
    Just wondering though !!!

  2. Folks, let us try to follow this issue without bringing in any sentiment. FYI, Alaafin of Oyo has been fingered in his involvement in Ritual killings and use of human beings as sacrifice. This information was obtained from a reliable source. He should have been arrested long time ago but because of his position and status as a king of an Ancient Yoruba kingdom, all allegations levied against him were never investigated.

    The two chief’s who petitioned IG knew most of these barbaric acts were truly committed and they were not pleased with it. The IG was relunctantly in investigating this case because Alaafin had used his influence as usual. These high ranking chief’s were close to the king and some of these activities must have committed in their presence. I have said it many times that the secret of security of this Country lies on our leaderships.

    This King Alaafin of Oyo still believe in this old barbaric tradition of using human being as sacrifice. Sometimes they use human to elongate their life span. They use them for prosperity, money, fame etc. I really appreciate the courage exhibited by those Chiefs for coming out to denounce this. How can you guarantee the safety of your people when you as a king is the one terrorizing that city. I understand that some people will criticize me for giving out this information but at a point in time, the thruth must be revealed in order to know the better step to take in ensuring the safety and stability of the community.

    I don’t want to divulge too much information. I just want to draw the attention of my fellow Nigerians who really have the love of this Nation’s in mind that some of our leaders whom we placed security of our life with are even worst than Boko Haram. The difference is they kill silently while BH launch their attack in public places.

  3. Reason why no one should envy them.One would marvel at the kind of atrocities most of them commit in their closet that one wont even want to drink their water talkless of eating their food. Before those cheifs gathered momentum to voice it out, then it means the barbaric act had almost gone out of hand. God dey.

  4. Why would Allafia Oyo be planting bombs, selling guns, and killing human beings with assassins? Those Chiefs should tell us with evidence not just speculations or accusations. As a Yoruba man who doesn’t condone any criminality, I want to know where those bombs were planted? how many of those bombs have detonated and kill people or damage properties in Oyo city or state? I also want to know the reasons why a powerful, wealthy, and highly influential king in Yoruba tribe has suddenly turned to bombers of his people? No one knows anyone but God knows all things because nothing is hidden before Him. We need concrete facts and confusing evidence from those two chiefs accusing Alaafin Oyo-Oba Lamidi Adeyemi Iku Baba Yeye of planting bombs, becoming arms dealer at age 81, and sponsorING hired assassins to kill how many people? Have those hired assassins been caught and confess that Allafia Oyo sent them to kill who? No dumb police commissioner or Inspector General of Police will go ahead to arrest or charge First Class kings like Oba Adeyeemi Lamidi to court based on mere accusations or speculation. But if all the judges and police of this wicked world cannot prosecute powerful evil men because of their Influence, wealth and positions, God Almighty will judge them and their children after their death. They can’t live here forever, and cannot escape God’s divine judgment.

    • @ Omokehinde, do not trust anybody, I mean anybody. You don’t belong to their caucus that is why you cannot see beyond outer window. You can hardly see their inner window. There is highly respected Yoruba King who deal in Drugs. I wont mention the name and he is highly connected. You will bet your life on this man where as he is actually doing it by using his influence., Before these Chiefs could stand up against Allafin, there is no fire without smoke, something outrageous is happening.

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