Pastor Arrested For Using 30 Young Girls As Sex Slaves In Oshodi Lagos

pastor used 30 girls sex slaves lagosThe church building

September 1st, 2016 – Pastor Arrested For Using 30 Young Girls As Sex Slaves At His Church Located At Shogunle Oshodi Lagos

The founder of a church located at Shogunle area of Oshodi Lagos State has been arrested for allegedly sleeping with young girls.

The suspect identified as Chukwuma Nkwocha, the founder of Tongue of Fire Restoration Ministry was arrested while addressing his church members on Tuesday on the allegations that he slept with some of the homeless girls who came to him for accommodation help.

According to police investigation, the 38-year-old cleric allegedly slept with two of the girls.

On the contrary, the younger brother of the suspect blamed one of the girls for framing up the pastor.

Ikechukwu Nkwocha told police a girl identified as Evelyn who was chased away by Pastor Chukwuma Nkwocha for misbehaving was the one who wrote a petition against him.

The suspect is currently in police custody as investigation continues.

6 thoughts on “Pastor Arrested For Using 30 Young Girls As Sex Slaves In Oshodi Lagos

  1. End time pastors! Half the crime seen this days were committed by the so called men of God. In fairness to God and man,God is the most patient spirit . Father pls forgive us our sins and protect us from this angel of darkness, masquerading as pastors!

  2. If there is no adult female in charge, the gathering of a sizable number of young girls residing where only the male benefactor has access could be suspicious. But it is also possible that when a young person is chastised or disciplined he or she could start stories that might damage one’s reputation so we should wait for the investigation report.

  3. There is no evident yet that proves that this pastor is another wolve in Shepard clothing, but if the allegations of sexual harassment against this pastor is true, it means that he is another monster pastor from hell. Nigerian many social and economy hardship have driven majority of our desperate brothers and sisters to all kinds of churches, but they must be very careful, watchful, and discerning of where they go to for spiritual help. The Bible says, “Where two or more are gather together in my name (name of Jesus), I will be there” My people, you can pray in faith to God Almighty through faith in Christ Jesus, and your prayers will be answered. There are few churches that are of God in different parts of Nigeria, but seek God direction before getting the church membership. Naijagists, more info on this gist. Thanks for your wonderful reporting.

  4. @ fife, you doubt what? What if the allegation turn out to be a set up by the grieving girl who was misbehving and was consequently chased away?

    We understand that some pastors are messing up, but even in the light of that understanding, let‘s not just conclude or assume that any accusation levied against any pastor is true.

    If you think that pastors are without enemies and that such enemies can go to any lenght to pull them down…then one quarter of your life is missing.

    I take a stroll…

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