Pastor David Ibiyeomie: The Adultery Post That Sends Kemi Omolulu Olunloyo To Prison

kemi olunloyo port harcourt prison

March 17, 2017 – Pastor David Ibiyeomie: The Adultery Post That Landed Kemi Omolulu Olunloyo In Port Harcourt Prison

It is no more news that highly controversial Ibadan-based media personality Kemi Olunloyo has been arrested over her article on Pastor David Ibiyeomie of Salvation Ministries in Port Harcourt.

Well, Kemi who was ferried to PH on Tuesday is still in prison where she is waiting to be charged for cyber crime. gathered that she will be in prison till March 23rd when she will appear in court for bail application hearing.

Read the damaging post that got her in trouble below:


My name is Ebiye Patience and I’m a dedicated member of Salvation Ministries, Port Harcourt. Our Pastor, David Ibiyiomie is shamelessy frolicking with yoruba prostitute Iyabo Ojo.

All these prostitutes in the name of actresses. We learnt that he has been spending the church’s money on this girl and some other nollywood actresses to the point that Iyabo and Vivian Metchie had a nasty fight on him. After catching her in bed with a boy she picked from the club.

She has used juju on our pastor. The range rover 2008 model she uses now used to be in our pastor garage before he dashed her. The Toyota corolla she claimed she bought her PA last year is one of the cars that her former minister ex boyfriend dumped her after church gave its members for christmas. This story was almost out last year but she paid off the press with cash and her body.

She is a grade one harlot who picks little boys on the street to sleep with. Our pastor is gradually destroying Gods name as he is now a sugar daddy to iyabo ojo. Even though she paid press, I know madam KOO is one who can’t be bought by money and will do investigation and let the world know the truth. @IyaboOjofespris and @DayoAmusa visits all herbalists everywhere.

Our pastor is even building a house for this girl as I speak. They should stop destroying Nollywood. Pls fish out this prostitutes. Pastor has a hidden house in PH that’s were he houses Iyabo anytime he wants to see her. She is also dating a series of men.

Hustling between them all so that she can form big lifestyle with money gotten from them all. There is no herbalist that doesn’t know her. She pretends to be nice but inside, she is a snake. She has a shop off Allen but she sells nothing. You can send someone there to investigate.

You’d meet no one. Its a cover up for her prostitution business. She should definitely be exposed. Every prostitute must be fished out. God bless you ma.

11 thoughts on “Pastor David Ibiyeomie: The Adultery Post That Sends Kemi Omolulu Olunloyo To Prison

  1. Ms. Insane Kemi Oluloyo committed a serious crime of character assassination of pastor David Ibiyeomie by posting that unfounded and unverified letter stupidly online. She acted as the dumbest Internet bully of all times by posting rediculious post to destroy the ministry, family, and life a church founder without any tangible evidence to back up her post. I’ve never in my life heard the name of this pastor nor known anything about his church until now. I think is just and a proper thing to charge Ms. Kemi Oluloyo to court for cyber crime and bully. She should remain in prison to learn her lesson until the court date. Kemi should first take care of her mental and physical health because she now looks terrible and behave like a mentally sick individual. Fani Kayode – her best friend and her family members should help her before she eventually destroy herself with those dumb and stupid online posts. She deserve to be detain at the Port Harcourt prison to learn the lessons of her mistakes. There is no such freedom of posting falsehood and lies online to destroy another person’s life, career, job or ministry. Shikenah!

    • You said it all. One of the criteria for good journalism, is verification or authenticating of reports before publication. Why was this allegation not verified? Why was it not investigated?
      Another question I would like to ask is: Who and where is EBIYE PATIENVE, the alleged member of Salvation Ministries that wrote this letter. To be best of my knowledge, nothing has been heard of her.
      Finally, who is this Lawyer to Kemi? Hope there is no connection between the lawyers handling the Sex scandals’ stories…. Just wondering though.

    • Pastor is leaving it to God, using the police according to the laws of our land. That’s how to leave things to God. You reap what you sow!

  2. Omokehinde, I respect your view in regards to this issue, although your expression was based on how you view this lady (Kemi)and the information you garner on media. You may look at this lady as mentally unstable who talks about what she knew nothing about, but you may be far from right.

    To my understanding, this lady gathers her information from individuals, bloggers or whistleblowers and perform an investigation on her own before she publishes them. She is a critic but not an illiterate.

    She may be tagged as snitch-lady but there is an element of truth in what she has said. Apart from information from her end, I personally got some information from a reliable source (a Nollywood insider) on how some of these Nollywood females are going by their runs business by visiting various kinds of Native Doctors and targeting these rich people, including rich pastors to maintain their fake big lifestyle.

    Kemi may be wrong sometimes but on these Iyabo Ojo, Dayo Amusa, Omo Butty & co, I bet you she is right. I understand a lot people do not like scandal, they don’t want their name on newspaper page but that does not negate the fact about authenticity of their story. Iyabo Ojo has dated ex-minister Obanikoro and made a huge cash from him. She has been on date with some bigwigs that was why she was opening some business and maintain her big girl lifestyle.

    To be honest with you most of these female celebrities are not making making money on movies due to piracy and low fees they received in movie role hence, they usually divert a little bit by doing side runs to make their money. Concerning the allegation above, I believed Kemi Olunloyo has opened the cans of worms.

  3. Hmmmm….this is bad. So someone can just wake up one day and conjure rubbish against someone and then sends it to one blogger who in turn would post it online without verification. Stories about Iyabo Ojo might be true, maybe she throws herself on rich men, even pastors. Maybe she even uses juju, that too might be true. But the reason you posted the story was because Pastor David Ibiyeomie is involved. You know he is a revered man of God and that the story would direct traffick to your site. You didn’t think twice about the effect this would have on His image, or family , or his ministry. Did you even bother to call him or maybe his PA or maybe dig a little bit into the story.
    You just got involved with the wrong pastor. The law suit is even the easy part. You don’t try to tarnish the image of a man of God and go Scott free. God is still God.

  4. Chei I pity dis lady ND her sponsors the way God will exempt ND glorify his servant David ibiyeomie it will be shokin to every supporter world wide

  5. Her going to prison was a good discovery. who knows,she might be a big gun in Ibadan/Nigeria who may partially change the look of Nigeria (prison). But my blame on her is, she would have given prove of evidence for better clarification. God knows it all.

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