Pastor Kumuyi’s Son, John Marries Lover (Wedding Picture)

pastor kumuyi son marries

June 19, 2013 – Pastor Kumuyi’s Son, John Weds (Wedding Photo)

The 2nd son of Pastor WF Kumuyi, the GO of Deeper Life Church, John Kumuyi has married.

On Saturday, the 15th of June, 2013, John took his bride Miss Love Odih to the altar in Jamaica.

Love Odih is the daughter of Deeper Life’s National Overseer in Jamaica.

Several Deeper Life Church members have poured overwhelming congratulatory messages on the wedding pictures of the new couple on Facebook and lots of comments are still being generated.

Happy married life to John & Love.

View more photos at John Kumuyi’s wedding

90 thoughts on “Pastor Kumuyi’s Son, John Marries Lover (Wedding Picture)

    • my dear, if u are a core member of deeperlife, u sure know that is against the church doctrine to wear wat John’s wife wore. Let me tell u dis, Am a member of deeperlife and a wedding was conducted in my local church, the couple decided to cut a cake, can u believe that my pastor didnt honor the reception and the man was quaried. So, as a result of this, it is not deeperlife doctrine, its bible doctrine.

      • Gbenga,you are not correct. Am not a Deeper Life Member,I attend Baptist Church,but my younger sister is a member of Deeper Life and she wore a decent wedding gown last year June,Five got warried that day 2 used wedding gown while 3 used Skirt & Blowse. I still have the vidoe clip with me as a reporter.


  1. y she wear wedding gown deeper life no dey wear wedding gown. Hav attended about 3 of dia weddings,na skirt and blouse dem dey wear,c as dem dey cheat members

    • So true! But I don’t blame the Church it is the members problem. Even their wedding is a mass one, where hundreds of them are joined together simultaneously. Some of them have even taken their believe to the extreme by not watching TV.

      • Really happy for them both………… Wishing them the best in their marriage…… To comment about the wearing Gown and cutting of cakes: Deeper never for ones said it isn’t good they only didn’t practice it. And the wedding of John Kumuyi proofs to the world that it isn’t biblically forbidden….

      • HML sweeties, pls dt u don’t see dem wear such gown don’t mean its ‘deeper life forbidden’ the late wife made it clear dt her dress code or sense is her consecrations btw herself and God

  2. Hapy wed lock,may God bles the both of U & give U ur heart desire in jesus name AMEN.CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  3. Deeperlife will start putting on wedding gown and start cutting cake now that general oversea son has set a pace for members to follow.

  4. Wishing u both a AML in JN & children surrounding ur table. I’m really api 4 my GS dat soonest, he’ll see his Biological Sons & Daughters

  5. Now! This is how it should be, not skirt & blouse & turban(Deeper Life’s AFRICAN (particularly Nigerians) mentality anyways)). Happy for them. HML…….lovebirds*

  6. Wao…really happy for u John, if I knew dis kind of wedding can happen in Deeper life,I would av still luv to be a member…. Missed those childhood things @d central children choir…(Gbagada)

  7. Now, you need to be careful about what is taught by Kumuyi and what he never taught: I have never heard him mention all this… it is simply a matter of the members!

  8. i congratulate Pastor for Gracing the wedding of His son, may the wedding last long happy married life.

  9. who said members .no be wetin the leader said that d members they do?and this as result of trying to be obedience to obddience to God.mmmmmmmmmm,unbelivable what l’m seeing,l think they said using flower is bad,if sow weddin they will condem it.what malvelled me is they dnt live by example.they teach another thing and do another thing.teach me word nd live all dis nt in America we do another nd when in Africa another thing.Are we devided?

    • i congratulate John for coming into the married world. However we need to be careful the comment we make. God told Aeron and Miriam “ were not afraid to speak evil of my servant Moses””. To another set of people, the scriopture warned “.. ye are not afraid to speak evil of dignitaries..”. So becareful what you utter, because the servant of God will not fight you or reply you. But when God decides to reply you, it may be leprosy, or even sudden disastar as that of Korah who also spoke against Moses. Be careful what you say.”Every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account on the day of judgement. For by thy words thou shall be justified or condemned”.

      • Yes!! The problem is scriptures, scriptures, scriptures. Too much of scriptures without substance. Also, remember the Recabites in the bible. They refused to drink wine despite it was an instruction from the man of God (Jeremiah 35:14-19). Let’s be careful of how we use the bible to insight fear on people. Pastor Kumuyi is a great man of God, no question about it. I am afraid that this wedding is further going to torn the church apart. For many years, this is not what the church stand for. How will the leaders explain this to thousands of members back in Nigeria and Africa?

  10. @Jane: my mom is a deeper life member. That wedding dress in the picture is only meant for virgins not for everyone. She must be a virgin. Please; verify and back up ur claims with facts.

    • whether virgin on no virgin… {the deeper life i know won’t accept this for a core member not to talk of the two great leaders of the church i grew up in deeperlife, where you must present your wedding gown weeks b4 the wedding day so that the women leaders will access it, so what happenned in this case… i can’t tell but for sure the Leader has set an example… things changes with time… as long as the lady is descentlt dressed… can you see any part of her body? NO, meanwhile she has a veil o with head covering… we are seeing the hair naa

    • haaaa, Emefu Thaddeus, yours is the most ridiculous comment i have ever read on this. the gown is meant for virgins?? do they do virginity test in deeper before getting married? abi how will they know who is a virgin or not? Sorry to disappoint you o, but this gown can be bought at any bridal store anywhere in the world; its most likely some adjustments were done to make it more decent. it was not dropped from heaven and there is nothing special about it. it is you who should make proper research be

  11. Blessfull marriage life John…am happy for you…weding materials dont make a good home but love as Christ has for His church show to her…people will always talk…some just got them self some employment to wait for slight event and comment…two things are common in a great man’s lips silence and smile…get it!

  12. am suprise to c a deeper lady wit weding gown. what happen? is it dat d doctrine has change? wel, I wish d couple succes

  13. Dis s an invitation 2 all dos running away 4rm deeper coz of weddin cm bak home coz ama so do my weddin n its in naija coz kumuyi neva said don’t wear weddin gown dis is a proof

  14. wao! I’m a bit suprised…. and I’m not amazed at d comments but all of this in holiness of heart is no sin eida….pls oooo watch ur comments…remenber aaron and miriam…..happy marriage life…I pray u follow d steps of God in daddy.

  15. it is only in Nigeria, u c pple contradicting wedding gown…….sha, na d mentality of some pple in d church, dats y u c most of d young pple leavin d chuch. Dat weddin gown is kul nd lovly, may God bless their union.

  16. These are some of d doctrines of Deeper life- NO WEDDING GOWN, NO CAKE, NO RING, NO FLOWER, NO KISSING OF BRIDE,etc. So if these were the case, shouldn’t the G.O’s son abide by them? The reality is dawned on people. No obligation. Do what is right before the face of heaven.

    • Ayo, there is no questioning fact that the GS is a great man of God. My house is littered with his messages. As you rightly said, I think his son should have bear in mind that he is held to a much higher standard. Every church has her doctrines. Why is Deeper Life now diluting her own doctrines and imbibing the doctrines of others. Kumuyi has laid an excellent foundation, but I think the big problem is all these American and UK pastors that surround him. Doctrine is doctrine no matter what. Many will be very surprised on that day of judgment. May the Lord help Kumuyi to maintain his stand.


  18. Thank God Deeper life Church is getting civilized. Thou bible said will are in world and Not for the World.

  19. First, I congratulate and wish them joyful life together. A lot of deeper life members do not know what deeper life stand for. I’ not claiming to know too. I’m married to a deeper life member and what i notice with most members is that they a like the Pharisees and the Sadducees, with holier than thou and self righteous attitude. I’m happy Pastor Kumuyi remarried when his wife died because the common misconception among members was no remarrying no matter what, now they know differently. Same here with wearing gown, having cake, wearing earrings, wearing makeup, wearing suite (yes wearing suite us to be a taboo among members in the 70’s, an old member told us one time in service that when he first joined DL and wore suite, he was told that “in deeper life we don’t wear suite”). Back to the wedding, hopefully now we’ll have the new generation members not be deceived in to believing any unbiblical dogma based mainly on hearsay. Forget about everything you’ve heard about DL, can one in any way say the lady is looking indecent? Not at all!…so much to say… above all Jesus is Lord. We pray for the divine wisdom to be more discerning and serve God in spirit and truth. One love to all!

    • LA, what happens to thousands of members who left the church because they weren’t allowed to performed their wedding in that fashion? What happens to those whose wedding may have been cancelled because they were determined to make it flashy and a little worldly? I think these member deserve an apology. What standard has change? So, after all these years, nothing is wrong with wearing earrings at wedding? Cake and white garment is, all of a sudden, now okay? Hair perming and make up is now okay? Please, nobody can full God. He loves consistency. Maybe as time goes on, it would be considered okay for women to wear pants in the church. These are the little foxes the bible talks about. Again, the members of Deeper Life deserve huge apology for what we are seeing now. God is not a respecter of anyone.

      • Blessing, God bless you for your response. I’m a christian and I know it does not take being a Xtian to know what is decent within the context of any society. Most members of DL (Deeper Life) follow dogmas based solely on hearsay that are not Bible based or Holy Ghost inspired statements from Kumuyi. In foreign countries some people go to Church in shorts (nickers – male and female) I’m not suggesting in any way we do that in Nigeria, far from it, hence my statement at the beginning about decency relative to society. I don’t believe in the extremities of DL and some of the members go against those believes for their own good reasons. Like I said in my first post I married DL member at a different church and she wore a beautiful gown and we had the best cakes – as she wanted. Apology can only come from the marriage committee members that tend to “over do” to their local congregation. I once asked the pastors wife at a DL service about earrings, and she said the reason why they don’t wear earrings is because they want to emphasis the inner beauty more than the outward one and that wearing earrings is not bad and they do not enforced not wearing on all members but encourage the top hierarchy not to as an example. I guess what needs to be done now is for the leadership of the church to clearly spell out what the church believes are concerning everyday living, because is a lot of “chinese wisper effect” concerning DL out there.

  20. I am a deepa lyf memba. Pastor has neva said we should wear weddin gown, before dy said, he said, we should nt watch t.v bt dat was nt true, Mr%mrs John Kumuyi, we love u. Wel i am so hapi 4 u both. Wedn gown or nt, bible stil stands, pls dnt blame Pastor 4 dos oda ones blame d mariage committee

  21. I wish u shud b askin ursef, i my livin a holy life?Heb12:14. Anyway, d Bible advice us to dress moderate n decent. Did u c any excesses in dat gown? Is it transparent?, armless? Drawin on d floor such dat someone must asist? Lets get d point, leaders in deeper life stop dis as a result of d excesses dat may later intrud in as u can c in other churches where a bride is almost naked on d altar, what an abominatn. Ppl, b careful wit ur comment as everyone wil giv acc of his/her utterance. I’m nt a deeper life leader

  22. Happy Married Life 2 d latest couple in town. Pls lets remb dt every idle word will b judged. He dt learns 2 bridle his tongue is reffered 2 as spiritual. WATCH.

  23. “Never the less the foundation of God standeth sure,God knows them that are his” God will not change his standard bcos of a pastor’s son,me/you. He his no respecter of out we’re closer to the end don’t pursue emptiness while dropping substance.follow what the pastor teaches and not what his son does ,everyone shall be accountable for his own doing,pastor kumuyi’s son will not become God’s standard of judgement on the last day……..’let him that his holy be holy still’…. Rebellion is as the sin of witch craft,watch what you say to a man of God,remember, with God actions are gown or no wedding gown,i is life after the wedding dat counts.may God help us!

  24. HAPI MARRIED LYF 2 D COUPLES…….CONGRATULATN!!!!!!wat am hearin nd seein nw ix a suprise am a DEEPER LYF member nd i ve neva in ma lyf seen a bride wearin weddin gown or cutin of cake…..pastor kumuyi neva preachd dat wedin gown ix a sin jus dat d leader unda hm re jus contradictin his laws nd pattern tnk GOD 4 dix eye opener AM GTIN MARRIED IN DL 4 SURE…..LOVE U DADDY KUMUYI

  25. Happy married life. When all else fail God’s word remains. Daddy Kumuyi has said that he wants to abide only by what is written in the scriptures. His entire life revolves around the bible and he is completely given to it. He has decided to remove any rule that is not in line with scriptures and now encourages the church leaders to do away with any law or administration that contradicts or cannot be found in the bible. He is the Apostle of our time, a Teacher of the whole Truth, the Defender of the Faith, a Holiness Preacher, etc. I pray that God will continue to strengthen him even in old age. AMEN!!!

    • Emeka, what happens to thousands of members who left the church because they weren’t allowed to performed their wedding in that fashion? What happens to those whose wedding may have been cancelled because they were determined to make it flashy and a little worldly? I think these member deserve an apology. What standard has change? So, after all these years, nothing is wrong with wearing earrings at wedding? Cake and white garment is, all of a sudden, now okay? Hair perming and make up is now okay? Please, nobody can full God. He loves consistency. Maybe as time goes on, it would be considered okay for women to wear pants in the church. These are the little foxes the bible talks about. Again, the members of Deeper Life deserve huge apology for what we are seeing now. God is not a respecter of anyone.

      • Sure my sister.
        You like thousands of others including my self do have a right to be aggrieved and angry.But I would rather say that you’d be patient and let God guide you until things play out in full. God bless you dear. And most of all HML J&L K

  26. Olayinka, you said it all. I highly respect Pastor Kumuyi. God’s judgment will not be centered on what the pastor did. It will be individualized. But my fear is that this type of wedding will negatively affect Deeper Life worldwide. The church has been known not to condone the kind of wedding we now see. It is going to lead to confusion among members: especially those who have been previously refused from performing their wedding in such fashion. As a matter of fact, I am still very surprised. I can’t understand what is going on.

    • Blessing, thanks a lot for all your comments here. This is a case of double standard. I was converted in deeper life. A regional overseer once told me that deeper life usually change their doctrine abroad. That they don’t preach the same message we embrace here oversea.When i read the extraordinary growth of deeper life, written by Alan Isaacson & forwarded by GS Kumuyi, i was shocked at the way Baba weakly responded in his defence to some of the messages he preached so strongly in the church. This made me to leave the church for good.

  27. Wao wishing u both happy married life. well i thank God say my wedding still dey front o. we all should abide by what Jesus says & throw away every other tradition of Men.please, leaders should b careful not to drive people away from the church bcos of their so called belief.let every one preach Christ birth, death & resurrection and let us all struggle while we depend on God’s grace to attend d marriage supper in u all

    • Is high time deeperlife ministry shld start putting on wedding gown for deeperlife sisters. what john and his wife love did during their wedding in jamaica is worthy of emulation 2 all deperlifer.

  28. @joy nobody is contradictin finz here let askd our selves diz questn is d God of 9ja diffrnt frm d God of USA? If d ansa is no,den y do we do diz dat goes again d church doctrine.I’m frm a non xtian background n family eva since I startd attendin dip a lyf church I av no regret,d ist tym I attended dipa lyf wedin wen I saw wat d bride wore,I waz shy no wedin gown,rings,fada takin d bide 2 d alta etc.I askd sum1 sitin vry klose 2 me dat day wat waz apenin 2 d couples is it dat dey dnt av d moni or were dey disapointed?she said dipa dnt wear wedin gown dat is cut n sew dey use 2 wear dat itz d church doctrine.let us nt point acusin finger 2 john’s dad wat abt d gal fada is he nt d nat ovaseer in jamaica cnt he caution n train his daughter in d way n doctrine of d church?c d disgrace d gal bought 2 d church juz bcuz of wedin.he dat tinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall

  29. I am of the opinion that we should rather watch, pray and strive to make heaven sha. I was highly surprised seeing a DL wedding conducted and attended by the core deeper life leaders. I expected reports that some leaders left the venue of that wedding when they saw the wife in that apparel as they normally do when a member of DL try what was done at that wedding. My questions also are: who are the marriage committee pastors that ratified that dress and did they actually went through the same process all of us that married in DL went through? Hmmmm. Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. That’s all.

  30. For your information the most important aspect of marriage recognized in heaven is the traditional/dowry payment process. All these other stuff are just for human pleasure which by itself is not sin if done within the limit of biblical injunctions. I honestly can’t wait for the day people will wear Agbada/Buba to church for wedding instead of Oyibo suite and gown. To demonstrate purity it can be in white material!

  31. As a friend of the couple, I can’t keep silent anymore. The picture being circulated is not what the bride looked like on the wedding day, it was digital altered to destroy the lives of the new couple and may you all be forgiven for the damage you caused the church of God and the new couple. As someone that attended the wedding, the pictures arousing such controversy looks nothing like the bride on her wedding day.

    No white-looking makeup or blush
    No earring
    No lipstick
    No fake eye lash
    No mascara
    No relaxed hair (blow drier & flat iron can do that! by the way, her hair is that long)
    No colored eyebrow
    No eye shadow
    No ring on finger

    You compare earlier pictures of a deeper life bride with a turban covered hair. In the Caribbean generally, the thick turban covering is associated with a satanic worship church. Can you imagine? No!! Ignorance is bliss. Is that what you want the new couple subjected to because of your lack of understanding? A joining that appears to be like under Satan because of hair covering as you understand it in your side of the world? God forbid!
    If you want to accuse the bride of the gown, is it showing any body parts? I thought this was the idea of modesty. Let not thy nakedness be discovered.. Love is also not John’s lover/heartthrob/girlfriend or any other careless language, these two were brought together led of The Lord though from thousand of miles apart and I’m sure they went through the deeper life church marriage committee process from their countries.

    I hope you feel guilty enough to stop all the lies and great damage you have caused a new couple trying to begin a life together hard school of marriage, and added to that has to live with scrutiny on a public scale, all influenced by lies and doctored images from the haters.. Let each man run their own Christian race, not with eye service or an envious mind.

    Congrats to the new couple and may God soothe the irreparable damage caused by online social media
    P.s there are so many other good things online about Love Odih, not just some fabricated and baseless scandal

    • You don’t try to intimidate people with all these rantings that you went to the wedding. Does that make any difference? Let’s accept for once here that a mistake has been made by John, Love, and the girl’s parents. The wedding is a complete deviation from the church doctrinal way of conducting wedding. Period! God bless pastor Kumuyi. He probably didn’t know what was going on until the last minute.

    • Abegi, go and sit down jare. So because you are a friend you have decided to be insincere?? Its obvious she’s not wearing earrings and wedding ring, the reporter on this site just made all that up; but she is on full makeup only that its in natural colours. Didn’t you see the traditional pics where she had red lips?? The pictures are not digitally altered in any way. No one is saying the bride isn’t decent, she looks very lovely to be sincere. Many deeper life brides are not happy and really feel cheated because they were made to pass through strict scrutiny before getting married. No lovely gown like this, no cake, no bouquet and definitely no make up. If you attend deeper life weddings here in Nigeria you’ll almost wish you had stayed back home. I’m not a deeper lifer, but i know Baba Kumuyi is a highly respected man who doesn’t tolerate nonsense. I pray his ministry will wax stronger in Jesus’ name.

  32. Just visited the lady (Love’s) LinkedIn page. She is Lawyer and Associate Attorney-at-Law at Rattray Patterson Rattray. Even here too she wore make up on her professional page. She probably did so on her wedding day too. No hypocrisies.

    • I saw the Linkedin page as well and noticed she is an attorney based in Jamaica. The point is that a typical, groomed deeper life will never be permitted to even bring such to the marriage committee in the past. There have been series of issues when the marriage committee will not approved of the wedding because the bride’s hair is permed. At the moment, many devoted, God fearing, and faithful members of the church are very confuse over this issue. I hope and pray that Jerry Kumuyi will rectify the mistake by conducting his wedding in the old-fashioned deeper life way. If he follows his brother’s steps expect chaos and disintegration.

      May God continue to strengthen our father in the Lord. He has been a great man of God. All this is not his fault at all. God will see him through.

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