Pastor Lanre Adekunle’s Sack: MFM Church Members Disrupt Service In Port Harcourt , Rivers State

mfm church members protest port harcourt

December 28, 2015 – MFM Mountain Of Fire Church Members Disrupt Service In Port Harcourt Over Pastor’s Sack & Diversion Of Church Money

Some angry members of a MFM (Mountain of Fire) church in Rivers state interrupted the service yesterday following allegation of diversion of church funds and the sack of their pastor.

The aggrieved worshipers of MFM S-South Region 11 were seeing carrying placards with different inscriptions yesterday. They also barricaded the entrance of the church premises demanding immediate reinstatement of their sacked Region overseer, Pastor Lanre Adekunle.

3 thoughts on “Pastor Lanre Adekunle’s Sack: MFM Church Members Disrupt Service In Port Harcourt , Rivers State

  1. Bad. Is a pain upon me say is hapun like this. is bad. Pipul are put money first and.are put God for last. is okey od no wahala. But end time is sine.

  2. The truth has no abode in this World. Every nook and cranning of world is full of lie, deceit and cheat. You don’t even know whom to trust. Most of the people in charge of religion be it Moslem or Christanity can not be trusted anymore. The love of money and worldly materials has dominated our objectives against realizing who our creator is. If you give most our Pastors and Imam a huge amount of money and tell them to denounce their God they will instantly do it. God is a merciful God. Even if you don’t worship him, if he decides to bless you he wll bless you beyond your imagination. Again if he decides not to make you rich, if Bill Gate give you all the money that you requested for, you will still end up becoming a poor man. You don’t have to play all tricks before you can be comfortable in life. Remember, Blessed by God is not by the ability. All self acclaimed men of God want to get their reward right here on earth, they do not care about hereafter. It is only in our time that you will withnes two pastors fighting tooth and nail for the leadership position or who is going to lead the congregation. Conversely if you go the Mosque, the Imams want to divert all contribution into their pockets. Are we really serving God or serving our own interest? I’m yet to find answer to this puzzle.

    • True talk. But their are still good ministers of God like who have been in the ministry for the past four year without collecting a dine from my member rather I give from my pocket. God is not happy with our big pastors who concentrated on preaching wealth instead of salvation. Judgment will start from the church of God.

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