Patrick Obahiagbon Speaks On Private Jet Acquisition In Nigeria

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Nov 26, 2012 – Patrick Obahiagbon Speaks On Private Jet Acquisition In Nigeria

Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon popularly known for his gigantic grammatology recently speaks up on the increasing trend of Private Jet acquisition by wealthy Nigerians.

Hear the outspoken senator in his own words below:

I cast my vote for Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah and Pastor Tunde Bakare in their demosthenic vitriol against spiritual megalomaniacs whose modus vivendi has become increasingly byzantine and repulsively narcissistic.

We must all begin to deprecate this razzmatazz and Nestorian braggadocio in the “HOUSE OF GOD” because when there is no difference between the values of a Pastor and a typical Nigerian Politician, then it’s truly a bolekaja ambience…..

Any interpreter in the house?

52 thoughts on “Patrick Obahiagbon Speaks On Private Jet Acquisition In Nigeria

  1. Grammatical nonsense. Can he list just one thing he did for his constituents when he was in the house of reps. He was there to disturb people with grammar.

  2. Does that solve Nigeria problems? .This man spent so many yrs in the House and nothing to show for it.Speaking big English without any action is rubbish.Could someone tell me what this man has achieve or do for the masses suffering in his village.

  3. well i dont understand his grammar, but i can tell he is talking about d Pastors,their way of life is just as politicials, their luxurious living not different frm 9ja politicials.

  4. What do you expect from ngr senators?they uses dictionary jus to eat the money.the statement written by this sen makes no meaning to me.

  5. My are 2much and your status as a prof. is a pride to Edo state.Your gammers are always polished and worth hearing all the time.The elites will comprehend and learn.

  6. This is kalopogonial muconoides in mudus-oratorakala,this is tatamous to talornism iwenus.this is my humble logomacy and ligomacy that i have made without lukapatial.LOL

  7. I said that Nigerians went to school just to learn how to be speaking big grammars but they are pigs. Just take a look their environments where they sit and speaking the grammars, very dirty.

  8. this sort of grammatic parapollism is not helping the already degraded economic situation of the polity.hon patrick should leave grammar,and communicate in languages that will halp this naiton develop by bringing useful suggestions.

  9. This man is very good able to bring smile to many anytime he doing the best thing he can do well, but is it not about time we start thinking how his style of communication is helping a failing nation like Nigeria? I am not in the position to critize this great man, , but I am not his fan or follower, I respect people like M. Luther king jr, Malcom x, Marcus G., Louis Farrakhan. A company employer once told that he would have employed me but, the problem is that my German was not good enough then, I told him I don't need dip in German to do pratical custruction work. 7 years later we are now the best of friends.Partrick is where he is today because of his mouth and not his work. he is very sure we Nigerians are not interested in job well done but, in big language. the question here, is for how long? The future of Nigeria is not the present politicians, but the youth, how can this happens? by laughing and clapping hands for present politicians who are busy doing nothing than moving your money to west or holding them responsible for killing our future? Europe is the richest and the finest region in the world with African money, but can any person out there give me a name of any person in the Uk or in usa that can face Partrick Obahiagbon with big grammars? This is just the way I view it because I want a functionning Nigeria not BLA BLA BLA as usual.

  10. Dis man spoke total nonsense tell him to write or speak in British or American English.and 4 d pastors most of dia members give dem as gifts while some acquire dem with dia own mony e.g. Bishop oyedepo.

    • Please what an aircraft got to do with preaching God’s world? The man is right ( PO) where the pastor are living in luxury their subject continue to languish in poverty. Is that the example Jesus laid down?

  11. He is just talking for the sake of making a comment, hence, he wont be able to repeat the same grammatical construction twice. I like him but he is not different from others and that is not what he is condemning. He is rather saying that The Pastors are not supposed to behave in their (Politicians’)like. He is being realistic because the congregation will be looting the State and National treasury to procure these ‘NONE SENSE’ Jets.
    NB: These words are combinations of English, Edo, Igbo, Ijaw, Yoruba, Latin etc, he is emulation Zik in his Zikism. I like it.

  12. My able senator patrick when are u going 2 publish ur own dictionary d macrocosm is 2 much .Try 2 elucidate ur gramer

  13. Our problem in Nigeria as far as i know is not what one can talk or level of
    grammar one speaks, it has alot to do with our ojectivity and practicability in term of achieving both our micro and macro policy goals, strategies on puttings smiles on the faces of the down throden. May GOD help us.

  14. It has bcm a nonchallant altitude nd unprecedented assault of the highhest exposure factor wch is capable of triggering leiomyoma at just a single dose for xtain cleric owin private jets, for me I think my frnd hon patrick is ryt in bombarding the so called called clerics owing jets

  15. Obahiagbon is nothing but a comedian who is trying to find his way to the top but little did he knows that AY and CO- has already taking the top place in commedy, of all the time he spent in the house of rep, he did nothing rather than one WATER WELL for the whole of his constituency and two motorcycles for two village boys, how are we sure the boys are not members of his family.

  16. shut up ur dirty mouth mr patrick…ure an a** hole.this your grammers does not add anything to improve this country.ure a sycophant

  17. This is a messmirization of the english vocabulary…its not right cause not every one can understand him.. Its causes an inference in communication.

  18. Many people fail to comment on the context but focus on Patrick vocabulary, in summary what Patick is trying to say is that ” there is no difference between the politician and the so call men of God” simple. The pastors are living a luxurious life why the congregation are starving, finacialy and spiritually. One may ask is an aircraft needed to accomplish their ministry?

  19. This man is a grammatologist inquest. In fact, bolekaja is a Yoruba language.
    So, he uses local languages with latin words and a little a English words.


  21. If u are against Mr Patrick, it means u are fool and illiterate, if u do not understand all what he said go and buy a dictionary and i think that will also help u to know where world is going to. Good nigerians will not ignore him.

  22. Dis is d man in nigeria that can hit d nail on d head without any fear of favor.hw many politicians are saying d truth in nigeria 2day? PAULSON nd CO i want u to knw that this man is a law maker nd his function is to make laws to suits his constituecy but nt construction of roads nd bridges. Dnt b deceived by those ones who come to build 1 or 2 tins in ur place, hav they done what u hav voted dem to do?

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