Photo: 2 Babies & Infant Abandoned By Mothers Rescued In Festac Lagos

August 2nd, 2016 – Picture: 2 Babies & Infant Abandoned By Mothers Rescued In Festac Lagos

Police yesterday rescued two innocent babies and an infant  abandoned at different locations in Festac town.

While two of the babies were successfully abandoned at different locations of Festac Town, the mother of the third, 27-year-old Bose Ojo was caught after dropping the about three-week-old child near a gas station on 21 Road around 9am on July 27, 2016.

10 thoughts on “Photo: 2 Babies & Infant Abandoned By Mothers Rescued In Festac Lagos

  1. O thank God none of them died in the process. Women if you are not sure of your ability to cater for any baby that are yet to be born,why not go for a credible family plan to save yourselves of needless embarrassment and suffering. And If you fail to do that,then be ready to carry that God gift of your womb yourself. Once more,thank God this innocent babies and that infant were found alive before this money hungry kidnappers will come for them. Heartless mothers.

  2. We bless God for their lives, its a good thing hey were not found by ritualist, may God continually watch and protect them from all evil like their mothers.

  3. Going back to Toyin Aimakhu’s one-time post: Do not let sex turn you into a mother until love makes you a wife…

  4. Perhaps the mothers wish the babies are found by people who can take care hence they abandoning them in the open and not throwing into pit latrine as some of the horrifying stories of similar acts recounted. Whatever the situation, there is need to follow up these stories so ensure the babies finally go into homes that are safe. Even those policing crimes have been known, upon report of such findings being made at the statio, to forcefully take babies found in such circumstances from willing finders who could have kept them and later not account for the babies,which makes people speculate as to possible selling of the babies to highest bidder.
    NaijaGist please follow up the stories.

  5. while some are praying for just one child the foolish one are dumping this precious jewel. God have mercy

  6. When they were spreading their legs, they never knew they would become pregnant. Common to take care of the innocent child(ren) they brought to this world, becomes a problem them.

  7. Why Go Get Pregnant When You Know You Or Your So Called Husband Can Cater For The Child. I Think I Have To Ask This Question Asked By @d_hunter One Certain Time “where Are The Husband’s During The Course Of This Act”

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