Photo: 2 Nigerians Protesting For Biafra Arrested Near Buckingham Palace In London

2 nigerians biafrans arrested buckingham palace london

May 12, 2016 – Picture: 2 Nigerians Protesting For Biafra Arrested Near British Queen Elizabeth’s Buckingham Palace In London


2 Nigerians have been arrested in London during a protest for Biafra.

According to BBC Will Ross, the men were caught at a park close to Queen Elizabeth Palace while urging the British Government to deliver Biafrans from Buhari.

11 thoughts on “Photo: 2 Nigerians Protesting For Biafra Arrested Near Buckingham Palace In London

  1. Is that man sitting on the gound looking like the picture of the man who sold on credit a Nigerian? Eiyaaa, he must be safe ring in London. Please send him home to Nigeria so he may be delivered.

    Jobless people!

  2. What nonsense! They should be immediately deported to go experience the agony that the average Nigerian is facing daily – no electricity, no fuel, no medical care, good food beyond the reach of most working class people, no money to pay for school fees, homelessness, death traps on roads, etc. They are too comfortable eating sausages and donuts (and living in well ventilated houses). Too much comfort breeds nuisance behavior. Shameless bastards!

  3. They really took a very low step..
    So it will be great if we know d next tin dat happened naija gist

  4. Someone had told me that the main reason for Buhari’s frequent travel was because of Nnamdi Kalu. I guess the tip is correct after all. Or tell me why somebody should be arrested in far away UK because of Biafra protest. Or is there a story we are not being told?

    I doubt if I’d be surprised if Britain as a country finally kicks against Biafra, knowing how they mischieviously united the regions in the first place. They are wasting their time if they do not know.

  5. PMB is doing everything possible to make sure there will no biafra, but he has failed. It will happen soon.

  6. Pmb is a confused President who claim to be perfect but he is ignorant of his environment .let him allow biafrans to go it is not by force.

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