Photo: 3 Arrested By EFCC For Stealing Benefits Of Late NITEL/MTEL Employee

3 steals benefits late nitel employee

April 28, 2016 – Picture: 3 Arrested By EFCC For Stealing Benefits Of Late NITEL/MTEL Employee

Picture above is Nwakoba Francisca, Patience Owerema and Okafor Kingsley , 3 suspects accused of stealing the terminal benefits of late NITEL/MTEL employee, Udemba Clement.

They trio were caught after the son of the deceased petitioned EFCC after all his efforts to collect his father’s terminal benefits failed.

Udemba Emmanuel told EFCC the suspects opened 3 accounts in the name of his deceased father and diverted his terminal benefits to the tune of N3, 766, 160.00 there.

Francisca, a Nursing mother was released on bail while Patience and Kingsley were remanded at Kuje and Suleja prisons respectively.

The case will come up for hearing on the 14th of June 2016.

12 thoughts on “Photo: 3 Arrested By EFCC For Stealing Benefits Of Late NITEL/MTEL Employee

  1. You can be sure that in a gathering where people discuss how corrupt that govt officials are, these people would lead the conversation. Heartless individuals!

    • please leave the children out of this,i bet you have none if not, you wouldn’t bring her children into it. May God never allow our innocent children suffer for our sins.

  2. Have you no shame? Someone else’s sweat. Thank God you were caught. Must every awoof be national cake? Rot in jail.

  3. How could anyone with functional brain defraud the dead without any conscience?
    Yet they all bear christian names, which means they all goes to Church on Sundays or so I though, and out of that money they pays their Tithes and give offerings.
    God is not interested i the money of thieves.

    D Hunter.

  4. Corruption has eaten into souls and minds of majority of Nigerians to the extent that many are now heartless with no compassion and mercy for the less privelege, voiceless, powerless and the poor. How can we move forward as a nation with this kind of selfish, evil, and wicked mentality from the individuals to our elected officials from local, state and federal levels? May God Almighty deliver us from our wicked selves. Amen.

  5. Wonders shall never end, eating a dead man money? Are you the one dat killed him, nawahoo you gays don’t have conscience.

    You see no hiding place for the wicked, little did you gays know dat one day EFFC will fish you out. You gays should vomit the money, bad eggs in civil service, God catch you foul.

    Please don’t be part of evil anywhere.

  6. criminals here and there…
    even nursing mother, old and young, even children no one 2 trust or rely on anymore..
    may GOD save us

  7. They should forget about the baby and detain her too for having no conscience and fear for another’s wealth

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