Photo: Comedian Jammal Aka White Nigerian Buys G-Wagon

comedian white nigerian g wagon

Sept 4, 2015 – Picture: Comedian Mohammed Jammal Aka White Nigerian Buys G-Wagon


Popular Nigerian comedian, Mohammed Jamal aka White Nigerian has finally bought his dream car.

He took to his official Instagram page @thewhitenigerian this afternoon to tell fans he has acquired his dream car.

This is the kind of rugged car for bad Nigerian roads.

It is G-Wagon season for Nigerian celebrities. Genevieve Nnaji, Ini Edo acquired their own last year.

Congrats to him

6 thoughts on “Photo: Comedian Jammal Aka White Nigerian Buys G-Wagon

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  2. Doing what exactly; selling arms. I hope he’s not from one of those Lebanese family that supply boko haram weapons like Amigo supermarket in Abuja. They hate Nigerians and treat their staff like slaves but they can’t go back to their war-torn country cos they won’t make as much money.

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