Photo: Fake Pastor Steals N25Million From Wealthy Boss At Gwarimpa Housing Estate Abuja

May 13, 2017 – Fake Pastor: I Stole N25Million From My Boss At Gwarimpa Housing Estate Abuja Because I Don’t Know How To Whistle-Blow

A security guard and self-proclaimed pastor has told operatives of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Intelligence Response Team (IRT) that he opted to steal his master’s N25 million only because he does not know how to blow whistle.

40-year-old Alfred Andrew said to be on the safe side and because his boss would not give him money even when he was hungry, he decided to help himself to the said sum when he realised that he had been guarding a lot of money without knowing it.

The victim, Benedict Emmanuel, who lives at Gwarimpa Housing Estate, Abuja, was said to have realised last Saturday that some of his foreign currencies were missing, so he decided to search everyone in the house.

It was then he discovered that Andrew, his security man on a monthly salary N25,000, was in possession of an Iphone 7 whose market value was above N300,000. Other items found in his room included expensive designers clothes he had just acquired. He alerted operatives of the IRT who immediately picked Andrew up. At the police station, he was said to have confessed to the crime, saying that he lodged some of the stolen money in his bank account. A look into his account balance was said to have revealed that he had N24 million left in it. He also took the police to an apartment he had rented for his girlfriend who was also found with expensive phones she claimed were given to her by Andrew. Confessing to the crime, Andrew said he was a 40-year-old native of Bunguru village in Bauchi State.

He said: “I am planning to get married but I haven’t found someone to marry.

I am a Christian and I have not seen someone that I love enough. “After my secondary education at Government Secondary School Bunguru in 1998, I went to the University of Jos where I did OND in Mass Communication and Information Technology. From there, I proceeded to Christ Embassy Jos, because my parents were serving in Jos and my father is a retired military man. I worked there for some years. “I came to Abuja in 2008 and worked as an employee of Evangelical Fire Ministry at Sani Abacha Estate. From there, I went to Dunamis Bible School.

There I got some information on how to start a ministry. I am a pastor, considering my training. “After that, I went back to Evangelical Ministry and worked with them. From there, we moved to Lanta in Plateau State because the place we were using, the owner died and his wife told me that we would leave to Lanta. My boss is from Lanta. “At Lanta he slashed our salary. I stayed with them for two years and later, I saw I could not meet up with my needs, so I relocated to Abuja. “I thought of going back to school. I started attending family worship centre at the usual introduction classes. From there, somebody linked me to one of my uncles who now linked me to my master, Emmanuel, the man I am working with. “For the past three years I have been working with him. He was paying me N25,000 for the past three years. There was a day I was sweeping and I saw a key on the floor.

I took it and tried the padlock and it opened. “I went inside and upstairs and started checking the documents. Some of the documents fell on me from the top of the wardrobe. Because the wardrobe was taller, I climbed on a chair to see what was on top of it. I noticed that there were different currencies, including South African currency. I was tempted to take some of the money. “Before then, I was hearing of whistle blowing, but I wasn’t sure who to contact. I was scared. I didn’t know who to trust. You may tell someone and the person turns things against you. Actually, what I did was wrong, because I started picking from it in bundles. They were much and some were wrapped. That was the first time I would see that kind of money except in movies. “I confirmed from someone the amount in a bundle and he said it was N130 million if converted.

I didn’t touch that one because it was sealed. I was only taking from the bundles. It has been a month now. I told myself that if I held it in my hands, it would be an exhibit. I decided to keep it in my bank account but I first changed it. “If I had any bad intention, I would have left since. I was watching my boss closely. Each time he travels out of the country, he comes back with new currencies. I’m not sure about him. I heard he is into real estate. I am not sure. “The sum I converted turned out to be N24 million. I sent N24 million to his account yesterday.

The amount in my account was N24.4 million. They collected my phone yesterday. I was together with them. They saw everything. “I bought clothes, phones and handset gadgets. I was not able to wear anyone because it was only recently. The other money I changed is in my bag. That Friday morning, the man came and ordered that nobody should go out; that his money was missing. “That was when the sister, who is a State Security Service (SSS) operative, came and checked my phone and bags. They packed everything to their room; even the ones I bought with my money.
They packed my international passport, my ATM cards, bible and everything I had because I was living with them before they handed me over to SARS. “I tried to tell SARS that day that they seized some money they saw in my room and was trying to cover it up. They said we should be going. I said but my passport is with you. I told my Oga (boss) that I would implicate him. He asked what he had done to me; that he had been good to me.

But I said his wife had not been giving me food for more than three years. It was even my own food that I gave the dog sometimes. It was part of the reasons why I did what I did. “Even the salary, according to our discussion, every four months they would increase the salary. They said they would be feeding us, but they didn’t keep to that. They even said if someone moved in, they would increase our salaries, but someone moved in and it was not increased. “It is a block of flats. He was living in one and put the others up for rent. I was telling him that I would implicate him; that I would report him to the EFCC. He told me the money was not his; that someone told him to keep it for him. That was our last talk before they picked me up. “I didn’t know who to report to. I didn’t have the number for whistle blowers.”

[The Nation]

5 thoughts on “Photo: Fake Pastor Steals N25Million From Wealthy Boss At Gwarimpa Housing Estate Abuja

  1. this is interesting. the boss is hiding something and the quack pastor is ignorant. why didn’t you pastor report that your oga before now? its clearly shows that you want to start blackmailing him.

  2. What a life!!!
    You see this world what ever you are doing just endure cos there is time for everything the lord will see you through
    but to be sincere as a pastor must you steal or is it what you have been taught to do?

  3. What a lame excuse that you never knew you were guarding so much money. Does it mean that if you are sent to guard somebody and you suddenly realize he is a VIP you will kidnap him instead? Pastor Judas!

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