Photo: Herbalist & Young Man Arrested While Digging Corpse For Money Ritual In Ogun State

herbalist digging corpse money ritual

Sept 14, 2015 – Picture: Herbalist From Benin Republic & Young Man Arrested While Digging Corpse For Money Ritual In Kafe, Yewa Ogun State

2 men were arrested last night by Police officials in Ogun State while attempting to exhume  a corpse for the purpose of ritual.

The suspects identified as Oke Akindele (50-year-old herbalist a native of Igangan Benin Republic) and Timothy Oniyide (a welder) both based in Yewa North LGA of Ogun State were picked up at Igan Alade Community in Yewa on Sunday night.

The third suspect, Monday Kugbi based in Kafe town fled upon sighting police officers this morning but his heavily pregnant wife was picked up.

Hear what the leader of the Police Squad who arrested them told reporters:

“We got the information that some persons were digging a corpse in Igan-Alade area and when we got to the area around 11:00 pm last night, we conducted our investigation and two names were given to us.
“We picked Timothy, who is the principal suspect at their house where the crime was conducted while his friend, Monday ran away upon seeing our men. We have arrested his wife and still in search of him.

“The herbalist, 50, was the man that gave them a soap to bath with inside a dug space on the corpse,” 
We left the town for Abeokuta late last night and passed the night at Eleweran in Abeokuta.
“We were directed this morning to go back to Aiyetoro, the jurisdiction where the incident occurred for proper complain, from where the matter will be transferred to the headquarters,”.

One of the suspects, 19-year-old Timothy Oniyide said:

“Other people that went with me to the herbalist are Prophet Adiitu of Celestial church, Ijoun, Baba Bukky (Prophet Omilende), Igbogila and one other Prophet from Cherubim and Seraphim and three of my friends.”

The culprits are currently at Aiyetoro Police station.

7 thoughts on “Photo: Herbalist & Young Man Arrested While Digging Corpse For Money Ritual In Ogun State

  1. Why arrest a woman whose husband committed the crime?
    To think that she is pregnant too!
    This is both unlawful and unfair.
    Where are the human rights fighters? This case is for you.

  2. All of you are shame upon me. Ogun state is do me to say chai every time. See how this pipul are do like pipul wey from the east wey na only them are love money.

  3. 19 yrs,want to get rich in min, why most every bad person relocate to naija ,we have bad name already Benin Rep,man again come to give us another bad. is only in nigeria,when person die,no RIP why ,God,naija is Nr-1 bad place on earth and second to hellfire.

  4. My last visit to Nigeria was nightmare. I saw this young man chased out of the building by a cleric man (Alfa. He said go away, I don’t do such thing. If you are looking for money ritual go elsewhere. That was the remark given by the cleric when that young man was pestering him for money ritual. Everybody was staring at this young man who i’m sure was in his under 30’s. The rate at which these young folks are looking for quick money is alarming. I don’t know where they got that idea from that if you kill someone his/her ghost will bring you money, that is a dumb idea. Nigerian youths please re-channel your thinking towards your government, you should be fighting government and corrupt people to get back your entitlement.

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