Photo: Images Of Virgin Mary Appears On Rock In Kenya

images virgin mary kenya

Oct 30, 2015 – Pictures Of Virgin Mary Appears On Rock In Makueni Kenya

The latest gist making round in Nairobi Kenya is the discovery of an image that look like that of Virgin Mary.

According to area residents of Makueni county in Wote, Manooni Dam has turned into a tourist attraction center as thousands of Catholic faithfuls rushed to the miracle scene to behold the image.

Pictured above is the image seen on a rock in Manooni Dam today.

8 thoughts on “Photo: Images Of Virgin Mary Appears On Rock In Kenya

  1. 666 taking its course. ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys this is just the beginning wake up things are not fine for us lets be prayerful

  2. @Akuwaxi, l stand where you stood. Since they‘re have been worship image,forgetting “exodus 20:1 -10” that says you shall have no god except me (God). Some gullible ones will think that the image is real because of their gullible mind, not minding that this what devil prepare to enslave them.

  3. JESUS CHRIST is our only mediator, y do pple pray in the name of virgin mary# she is nt the saviour and we cn never get to the father thru her# When will they accept the truth#

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