Photo: Man Pours Hot Soup On Police Officer’s Face In Ado Ekiti State

man throws soup police ado ekiti

June 20, 2016 – Picture: Man Pours Hot Soup On Police Officer Face In Ado Ekiti State

A 33-year-old Ado Ekiti resident has been arrested for allegedly attacking a police officer on duty.

The suspect, Emmanuel Imole was trying to resist arrest around 5pm at Ilawe Road in Ado Ekiti on June 11 when he allegedly threw a pot of hot soup on Sgt Bankole Olasunkanmi (pictured above).

Olasunkansi said the suspect attempted to collect his rifle but his colleagues overpowered him.

An Ado Ekiti Magistrate’s Court today remanded the accused in prison custody pending the time his lawyer will file his bail application.

The case is to come up for further hearing on July 7.

14 thoughts on “Photo: Man Pours Hot Soup On Police Officer’s Face In Ado Ekiti State

  1. Gosh! See how he destroyed this handsome officer’s face. The entire country just needs a re- orientation on how to accept police officers as every other worker doing his job and not perceive them as enemies to be attacked. I hope the police Force will recognize this as a job hazard and not only provide medical treatment to such officers but give them hazard allowance on regular basis.

  2. Stubborn man, you attacked a man in uniform? You attacked the whole nation! you will rot in jail.

    • You are the one that is wrong reading, it was said it happened on June 11 and the hearing is July 7th.

    • You are the one that is reading wrong Thricy, it was said it happened on June 11 and the hearing is July 7th.

  3. This is gettg too much for civilians to be attackg law enforcement agents, they need to put a stop to dis, if our officers cannot carry out their duties,then we will all be in trouble in dis country.
    At the same time let d officers also start to respect themselves by not collecting bribe anymore and start respectg d office and uniform they are wearg.

  4. People should stop attacking law enforcement agents, they need to be stopped, who will protect us if d officers themselves are under attack, they should be left alone to carry out their duties.
    But on d other hand d officers too should start respectg themselves by not collectg bribe. Respect they say begets respect.

  5. Nigeria is the only country people dnt have any regard for police, try dis in the USA n see wat will happen to u! rubbish.

  6. Looking at the picture the policeman is not inside the police patrol van. The person cannot purposely pure soup on him. Please there is untold story. It is posible for one person to attempt taking gun from a policeman where we have three or four policemen?

  7. Officer, use your tongue to enjoy that soup on your face na. That soup looks tasty. Enjoy it and stop making trouble with the young man

  8. Sad but Then the police office should also behave themselves in a professional manner. They acts very unprofessional most times. Shot kill without questioning.

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