Photo: Nigerian Mechanic Dismantles & Assembles Bajaj Motorcycle Engine In 18 Minutes

nigerian mechanic dismantles motorcycle 18 minutes

Sept 15, 2015 – Picture: Nigerian Mechanic Adeshina Odedokun Dismantles & Assembles Bajaj Motorcycle Engine In 18 Minutes, Wins Speed To Lead Contest


Meet Mr Adesina Odedokun, an auto mechanic who won the first Speed To Lead Contest organized by Bajaj.

Odedokun beat the other contestants and emerged the winner of the contest that held recently in Lagos.

He is the fastest person to ever dismantle and assemble the Bajaj RE4s engine within 18.20 minutes.

Chukuma Ogbodo came 2nd while another mechanic Kazeem Balogun came 3rd.

Nigerians are distinguished people with great talents.

Naija no dey carry last.

6 thoughts on “Photo: Nigerian Mechanic Dismantles & Assembles Bajaj Motorcycle Engine In 18 Minutes

  1. @Bezo,since you know it’s juju,advise your people to do same by using their brains instead of peddling drugs. You think say to sell spare part equals brains. I pity you and your generation. Your hatred will kill you and believe me, ppl like you end up serving those yoruba you hate so much. You will work for them and learn from them. Ewuuuuuu!

  2. This is the type of thing we like to read. Healthy competition. In a country where talents are valued, these three people, Adesina, Chukwuma, and Balogun should be encouraged. They should be brought together to think out something and let very rich Nigerians or government sponsor them. There should be no quota system in this. They should not be allowed to waste like Nigeria allowed Biafran scientists and engineers to waste after the civil war. As for Bezo, your comment made no sense. Assuming he Adesina used “juju” as you said, at least he put it to good use. There are talents from Edo where you, Bezo come from, can you say that of them? We should try to encourage healthy competitions like this and not run them down.

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