Nollywood Actress Opeyemi Ayeola’s Son Went Into Coma After Accident At Disneyland In Paris

opeyemi aiyelola son

February 25, 2016 – Nigerian Actress Opeyemi Aiyeola’s Son Went Into Coma After Accident At Disneyland In Paris France

Nollywood actress Opeyemi Aiyeola recently went down the memory lane to an incident that involved her first son, Samuel during their family vacation time in Paris France last year.

The beautiful mother of two took to her official IG page recently to share her son’s miraculous survival story.

In her words:

“People ask me, why do you love God so? I always say because He first loved me. My joy, my pride, my prince, my champ, my testimony Samuel Erimininuoluwa Olayiwola Owolomonse this time last year after spending so much to make your 5th birthday a memorable one. Right there in Disney wonderland Paris, the accuser came like a flood to steal, kill and destroy my joy. You were rushed to the hospital with only 30mins left for your heart to stop. You went into a coma.Fear and death darkened our sky. A five day holiday ended in us spending 28days in a French specialist hospital and 9 days in kings college hospital London with doctors speaking too much grammar for my lil brain to interpret. God came through as usual raising a standard against the accuser and proving Himself as supreme.”

Here is the photo of Samuel on hospital bed.

God is still in the miracle business.

29 thoughts on “Nollywood Actress Opeyemi Ayeola’s Son Went Into Coma After Accident At Disneyland In Paris

  1. God is great and I wish him quick recovery iJn. But why have you been so scarce nowadays in the acting business? We miss you too much.

  2. Opeyemi, I praise the Almighty God on your behalf for His mercy and love upon you and your son, by the stripe of Jesus christ your son is healed, you not not weep or buried any of your children in Jesus name.hold tight onto the accient of days and He will sees you through.


  4. What happened there? who accused her for what? anyway what ever it is i dear say she is lucky it happen in western world where ambulance is readily available and functioning equipments and well trained doctors are on standby to take control of the first crucial moments of the incident, if it was naija it will be different story,you have to produce police report by which time it too late to do anything to save the life. This is the second story this week of Nigerians in abroad getting saved by quick intervention of emergency services and the professional doctors. its ok to thank God, we will continues to be blindfolded by religion and become more easily manipulated by those who seek to perpetuate evil by pretending to be pious. Why not show appreciation to the 2 hospitals for the good work they did in saving your son;thank God it did not happen in Nigeria. its good to give credit when its due.

  5. Olorun yio ma kontinu fi iso re re gbogbo wa anu olorun yio daju abo re yio se yi wa ka ni ojo aye wa gbogbo.

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