Photo Of Lagos SARS Police Inspector Durojaiye Taiwo Who Led Robbery In Sagamu Ogun State

police inspector durojaiye taiwo

April 20, 2016 – 4 FSARS Officials, Lagos Anti Robbery Police Squad Wanted For Robbery After Intercepting A Spare Parts Trailer In Sagamu Ogun State

Picture Of Lagos Police Inspector Durojaiye Taiwo Who Led 3 SARS Policemen During Robbery In Sagamu Ogun State

Meet the criminal in uniform who allegedly led his men to rob a trailer at gunpoint in Sagamu Ogun State on Saturday.

The 4 policemen led by Inspector Durojaiye Taiwo stopped a trailer around midnight on Saturday, they diverted the trailer to Okokomaiko area of Lagos and sold the content for 30 million naira.

Unknown to them, the trailer had a tracker.

The leader of the FSARS for the robbery , Inspector Durojaiye Taiwo and two other members of the team escaped, while Victor is being detained in FSARS cell in Ikeja. Victor was arrested after a gun duel with policemen attached to Okokomaiko police station.

A police source said: “The incident happened on Saturday night. Inspector Durojaiye is the leader of the team. The team is called ‘striking team.’ They all came from State Criminal Investigations Department (SCID), Panti, three months ago to join FSARS, Ikeja.

The criminals tied the trailer driver and his conductor and bundled them inside their Lexus Jeep before dumping them in a bush at Ijebu Ode.

Inspector Durojaiye and 2 Policemen have disappeared while one of the suspect identified as Corporal Victor has been arrested.

Lagos Police CP Fatai Owoseni has ordered his men to produce the fleeing policemen.

Now we know police is our friend!!! God save Nigerians!

12 thoughts on “Photo Of Lagos SARS Police Inspector Durojaiye Taiwo Who Led Robbery In Sagamu Ogun State

  1. Police is our friend indeed, evil men in black uniform may God deliver our country from these devil in human form called police.

  2. Af alwys said it,police and thieves are like garri and groundnut, they work hand in hand.
    No need for dismissals,trials and all,just waste the bastard.
    Useless bunch of thieves in black smelling uniform.shoot him in the neck.
    Na th change wey buhari bring be this,

  3. @ Tayo Nawaoo for u, wetin concern PMB there now? Na today police dey rob?? or you think say this one wey dem catch so, u think say na their 1st time be this?? POLICE, ARMY,NAVY,AIRFORCE all of them na thief..

  4. Is only GOD dat ill save us in dis country..
    who else do d citizen will run to…
    d government? no way
    d police? hell no
    who else? only God

  5. Go and watch this Yoruba Movie, Lapade Otelemuye. That movie will give you a good insight of how devilish these men in uniform are. I have said it many times that without our law enforcement compromising with these bandits, it is going to be little difficult for these men of underworld to operate. This news is indeed very sad. Whom do we trust now?

  6. @ Tayo, you are not talking sense. Is this PMB fault?
    During the reign of Anini in the 90’s, was it not Inspector Giwa Amu that was giving the robbers informations about police strategies, that was why Anini was like a ghost that was operating without traces!
    You do not have to comment if you have nothing to say.

  7. What I wiII say is trust nobody. Bad eggs are just everywhere. There are pen robbers, ghost robbers,-government officiaI coIIecting other workers saIary who has been decIared dead. Armed robbers, reIigion robbers etc. May God heIp us.

  8. Professional robbers in uniform, the easiest way of robbery/kidnapping. I hope they are sacked and jailed. Rubbish

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