Photo: Policemen Beat Man To A Coma In Akwa Ibom State For Refusing To Pay Bribe

police beat man to coma akwa ibom

July 20, 2016 – Picture: Corrupt Policemen Attack Man In Akwa Ibom State For Refusing To Pay Bribe

A 28-year-old welder, Mr. Ndifreke Ibuotenang claimed that he was brutalised on Thursday by policemen attached to Mkpat Enin Police Division in Akwa Ibom State.

Ibuotenang said he was returning from where he went to drink palm wine around 9pm, when the same police team accosted him and beat him to a coma.

Ibuotenang’s two eyes had been seriously affected.

He said he was revived, detained and released after the payment of N10,000 bail.

The state Police Commissioner, Mr. Murtala Mani, said the police had already commenced investigation into the case.

Mani explained that all the policemen that were on patrol from the station at the time were in detention at the police headquarters in the state.

This is the same police checkpoint where a 15-year-old was defiled by a randy inspector…. READ MORE HERE


13 thoughts on “Photo: Policemen Beat Man To A Coma In Akwa Ibom State For Refusing To Pay Bribe

  1. The three outstanding lies ever told in the history of mankind:
    1) islam is a peaceful religion. (with swords)?
    2) The police is your friend.
    3) Children are the leaders of tomorrow. Yes, (but not in Naija).

    I take a stroll…

  2. I cant but scream after seeing the above pix. Just wondering why he was asked to pay bribe! This is inhuman!

  3. This Mkpat Enin police appear to constitute the meanest dregs of thugs. Anyway, it is normal to hear this kind of news. What is abnormal is when the police rises up to uprightness.

  4. Seems like akwa ibom police men Don dey smoke too much sk.
    We need guns to kill and wipe out all dirty cops in our system. Now na police brutality for d same akwa ibom,b4 now na police rape minor…akwa ibom,still 10k tins for bail.
    Jesus christ pls abeg rapture us.
    Please come now so dis suffering can stop

  5. I kept saying this… No one will believe.. “Police are our problem!” .. And as a matter of fact with the hard economy, the need for cash has arose d most. False Charges will now arise on the man from being drunk to even stealing..
    The president might still be blind enough to see he has selected d wrong n corrupt men to handle d law. Officers n inspectors are always our problem, they are like that. It’s very difficult for a DPO and d ppl ahead of him to do such things!

    Boko haram and Islamic sects, are busy killing ppl while our men in uniform rather than fight against this dreaded sects and defend her nation, are busy attacking innocent and helpless poor youths. Rubbish!

    God will surely come one day. Let them keep on. Sorry man n stop going out to drink at night.


  6. Wickedness no dey pay. Police and collecting of bribe are like snail and its shell. Their time is up this time.

  7. Hmmm, we knw our police officers are animals, hope they would be charged and dismissed for dis dastardly act.

  8. So this N10,000 bribe ” bail fees” is now the officially recognized ” rent control price” for staying in police jail in Akwa Ibom State? The figure is becoming a recurring decimal in police abuse stories coming out of that region so there must be some seed of truth in the allegation. Everybody cannot just be telling lies against these moat Enin police. The Ogas in charge do something to redeem the image of your establishment by flushing out those bad eggs for the people’ s confidence in the Force appears to be badly shaken.

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