Photo: Tenant Attacked While Sleeping , Scrotum Cut Open By Landlady’s Sons In Ikotun Lagos

scrotum attack lagos

August 1st, 2014 – Picture: Tenant Attacked While Sleeping , Scrotum Slashed By Landlady’s Sons In Ikotun Lagos

A family man is clinging to life at the hospital after his scrotum was slashed open by his landlady’s son with an unidentified object.

The man identified as Yinka Offehin who resides on Popoola street in Ikotun Lagos with his family was attacked early Thursday morning while sleeping in his room with his wife, Bisi and children.

According to Bisi Offehin, the 35-year-old man had a misunderstanding with the landlady and she ordered them to pack out.

He sought for help from the community leader who ordered the woman to give him till the end of August to pack out.

This is what Bisi said about the gruesome attack that landed her hubby in the hospital:

“On Thursday morning, around 3am, while we were sleeping, we heard loud bangs on our door. We initially thought they were armed robbers because the house beside ours had recently been robbed.

“When they entered, we saw they were children of our landlady. They began destroying our electronics and other property.
“There were two of them. One held a knife in his hand. They took N800, 000. They descended on my husband and he also fought back. In that confusion, my husband shouted and we saw that one of the attackers had cut Yinka’s scrotum. I can’t say what they used to cut off my husband’s scrotum.”

The victim said:

I was asked to leave the house immediately, but after the intervention of the traditional ruler of the community, I was asked to leave by the end of August.
“But that decision did not go down well with the children of my landlady and they continued to make trouble with me.
“I was already planning to leave their house and had even contacted an agent when they attacked me without any provocation. I want the government to fight for me,” .

Lagos state Police PRO Ngozi Braide who confirmed the incident said:

“It was around 3am, while the victim was sleeping in his room, that one Solomon Olowogbemi and Damilola Olayeye, the children of his landlady, came in and started fighting with him.
“In the process, they inflicted injury on him with an unknown object. The skin of his scrotum was partly cut off, thereby exposing one of his testicles. The two suspects have been arrested and detained and the victim taken to a hospital.”

Evil kids!

Wishing Yinka quick recovery.

8 thoughts on “Photo: Tenant Attacked While Sleeping , Scrotum Cut Open By Landlady’s Sons In Ikotun Lagos

  1. Hmmmm so pathetic… The sons should enjoy their lives small in d prison. However, everything here may b true bt Bisi is a liar, big liar! If u had much money to keep 800k in d house, wy couldnt u get a better accommodation instead of squating in a single room in a place u ar nt wanted? In my opinion, d boys only butchered Bisi’s husband’s balls. They took no money!

  2. 800T i don’t believe that how much does he earn in a month even if he’s working in a good place after his monthly expenses he can’t be able to save up to that amount so that’s not true but all the same justice must be done to teach those wicked souls lesson oga get well soon.

  3. You can see that they bear different surnames….obviously they are bastards…maybe d value of her hubbys balls is 800k…no blame her jare. She fit say 1 million gan

  4. @Lizzy is that money to be compared to his pains? What if he was ur hubby? Will u have considered 1million enough for the damages done? What if after all “God forbide” he is certified impotent or not being able to impregnate? How will u feel pls? Put urself in other peoples shoes before commenting pls

  5. How can he keep #800,000 in his home, you mean there’s no bank around? You’re a lier for that side. I guess the man has being sleeping with the mother of those children and the only remady is to castrate him so that he can rest.

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