Photos: 5 Outrageously Flamboyant Nollywood Actresses Living Beyond Their Means


top 5 flamboyant nollywood actresses

January 23, 2018 – Top 5 Outrageously Flamboyant Nigerian Actresses Living Beyond Their Means

Rosy Meurer

We have seen rosy Meurer in about 5 Nollywood movies but she lives a life so lavish that we can’t understand the roots! OBO

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Mercy Aigbe

Except for a few English movies, Mercy Aigbe earns about N200K per movie role but lives an exotic life and flies first class.

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Liz Anjorin

Liz Anjorin lives in a Posh apartment in Lekki and drives a range rover evoque.
We can’t but notice that the last time she appeared in a top rated Nollywood movie was about three years ago.

Biodun Okeowo

Although she takes home around N150,000 per movie, an unbothered Okeowo still goes on expensive trips around the world.

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Tayo Sobola

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With Her Gwagon and lavish parties, Sotayo stands out as one of the most flamboyant actresses