Photos: 5-Year-Old British Nigerian Boy Deported With Mother, Bola Fatumbi From London UK


5 year old nigerian boy deported uk

Jan 25, 2015 – Pictures: Five Years Old British Nigerian Boy Deported With Mum Bola Fatunmbi From London UK

Nigerian Woman, Bola Fatunbi & Her 5 Year Old British Son Rafeeq Atanda Deported From London 

A British Nigerian boy and his mother have been sent back home 17 years after his mother travelled to Britain following a fatal accident that killed her entire family in Nigeria.

Despite pleas to overturn their deportation order, 30-year-old Bola Fatunbi and 5-year-old Rafeeq were flown home on Friday from London Immigration center where they were held since Wednesday night.

“Speaking from the center, Bola said, “I feel safe in Gates-head, but we have no one in Nigeria. Rafeeq was born here, he goes to school here and is doing well, it is so very hard for us. There are so many kidnappings and frightening things with Boko-Haram happening in Nigeria, it would not be safe.”

With tears running down her face, Bola narrated how she immigrated to the UK in 1997 and how her son was born 5 years ago.

An 11th hour appeal made by Gateshead MP Ian Mearns failed as she was flown back to Nigeria with her son on Friday night.

On Friday, the day she was set for deportation, Mr Mearns told the Home Office to review her case after receiving over 8000 signatures from Britons demanding they be allowed to stay.

Bola Fatumbi and her son had been deported. The duo arrived Nigeria on Saturday.

Very sad story! Hope she’ll get a better life at home. There is no place like home, at least no one can deport her from motherland Nigeria.

See more photos of little Rafeeq and his mother below:

Rafeeq Atanda deported