Photos: 63-Year-Old Australian Woman Gives Birth To IVF Baby Girl In Melbourne

australian woman gives birth at 63

August 3rd, 2016 – Pictures: 63-Year-Old Tasmanian Woman Delivers IVF Baby Girl In Melbourne Australia

An elderly woman from Tasmania, an Island city off Australia’s South coast has delivered a healthy baby girl.

The unnamed woman reportedly conceived with a donor embryo in an IVF operation carried out outside Australia.

Her 78-year-old partner supported her through the pregnancy.

australian woman delivers baby at 63 years

She reportedly gave birth to a healthy baby through C-section yesterday.

The mother and her baby were reportedly in good health condition.

One of her critics, Australian Medical Association President Gannon Michael accused her of being selfish for nurturing a baby at such old age.

9 thoughts on “Photos: 63-Year-Old Australian Woman Gives Birth To IVF Baby Girl In Melbourne

  1. What’s all the stress for? Conceiving through IVF and delivery through C-section, well they have the money. Congrats to you.

  2. What is the real age that a woman gets before attaining menopause?
    In some circles, I‘ve heard some people said 45yrs, others said 50 and so on.
    So if all these claims are anything to go by then a woman giving birth at 63 must have been nothing but raw miracle!

    Thanks be to God!

    I take a stroll…

  3. That’s marvelous. God is still in the business of giving strength to the weak and weary. Wishing good health to the mother and child.

  4. Post-menopausal women could get pregnant via IVF, but won’t be able to have a fresh cycle using their own eggs. Hence a donor is necessary. My take is that at 63, I don’t think that this woman should have subjected her aging body to that stress. If she had never had a child before, and she had the money for IVF, she should have as well chosen a surrogate mother to do all these for her. Pregnancy is about the most dangerous thing a woman will ever do. She shoudn’t have done that at this age.

    Thank God for safe delivery, anyway.

  5. whites wldnt stop amazing one @ 63 she was able to carry a child also gave birth thru C.S. why didn’t think of this while they were young? may they live to take care of the child.

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