Photos: A Look Inside Obama’s Newly Leased $5.3M Mansion In Washington DC

obama mansion washington dc

November 16, 2016 – Pictures: A Look Inside President Obama’s Newly Leased $5.3Million Mansion In Washington DC

In January 2017, the Obamas will officially leave the White House for this 8200 sq ft mansion in posh neighborhood in Washington DC.

The First family will live in this home owned by Joe Lockhart till their second daughter, Sasha finishes high school.

See more interior photos of the mansion built in 1928 below:

obama mansion

10 thoughts on “Photos: A Look Inside Obama’s Newly Leased $5.3M Mansion In Washington DC

  1. one thing about the west is when the retire from office you will never see them coming out again to interfere in politics again. unlike we Africans.

    • That is not why Obama should entering for house wey they was builded for 1928 years ago. The house is not having fence sef. Is not also having iron for the window so that tiff is not entering to tiff money. The window is just glass. The house is not even get where to pack car. So wetin be mansion for the house. But he is go to the house bicos na wetin iluminati tell am to do.

      • ha ha now if they put u in this kind of house u won’t enter abi… besides these are just few pictures not all d pictures…this house is perfect abeg

  2. See fine house ! Indeed this is an extension of White House for this house is not only fine but white and was built looong ago!
    We could learn a thing or two from their maintenance culture also !

    All the best to them !!!

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