Photos: Armed Robbers Attack In Oshodi Lagos Traffic

August 22, 2015 – Pictures: Armed Robbers Attack In Oshodi Lagos Traffic

Check out what robbers did to this guy yesterday during a hold up in Oshodi

oshodi lagos traffic robbery

The victim who sustained minor injuries has reported the case to police.

3 thoughts on “Photos: Armed Robbers Attack In Oshodi Lagos Traffic

  1. Ambode’s Lagos is becoming more and more unsafe and riskier to live in. There has been reported cases of traffic attacks and there seem not much attention is paid to it by the security outfits. They probably are waiting for human life to be wasted before they act. Having identified the flash points, why not post securiry surveillance during early evening traffic period to avert occurences. Ambode must sit up otherwise, his legacy is begining to undershadow what Fashola did that earned him all the praise. Ambode should make Lagos safe.!!!

    • You don’t need him to save you. buy a shot gun or hand gun. When they attack you shoot them to death then press charges later simple.

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