Photos: Baby Boy Stabbed 14 Times & Buried Alive In Thailand Recovers In Hospital

baby buried alive thailand recovers

May 25, 2016 – Pictures: Baby Boy Stabbed 14 Times & Buried Alive In Thailand Recovers In Hospital

In February, a baby boy was rescued from a 20cm-deep hole in a village in Khon Kaen province Thailand.

A cattle rearer, 53-year-old Kachit Krongyut reportedly rescued the baby when she noticed  a spot on the ground that looked like it had been recently dug up.

She scratched into the soil and discovered a baby’s foot before calling her family to help rescue the baby and transfer him to hospital.

baby stabbed 14 times in thailand

As at the time of this report, the miracle baby has recovered and doing well.

Police are still trying to track down the heartless parents who allegedly buried him alive.

Note: The story that first surfaced on Facebook with this boy’s photo is a hoax. verifies stories before publishing it please don’t get it twisted. This is the original story.

13 thoughts on “Photos: Baby Boy Stabbed 14 Times & Buried Alive In Thailand Recovers In Hospital

  1. I smiled the very moment I saw this baby’s pix(before reading that shocking headline). He looks charmingly adorable with his contagious smiles. To think that anybody could hurt this beautiful creature actually bears an unflinching testimony to the existence of the devil. Nothing else could explain to me why a baby that had hurt nobody was stabbed 14 times…and buried alive. I am getting emotional right here. What is man that he is so vile?

  2. Which story to believe?.

    The pictures of this baby under different incident in nigeria. This baby was said to have been abandoned by her mother in a nasty gutter and was rescued by dog. The story was broadcasted few months ago but resurfaced against few days ago with his brighter looks

    Now nijagists reports the baby is Asian.

    which story is true?. I rather believe this bcus the baby does look Asian buddhist thank Nigerian

  3. God of mercy!
    Why on earth should a mother do dis to an innocent child…
    Which conscience could such person have to move on wit life if she is truely a human..
    thanks to our miracle working God for his endless love..
    d pple dat did dis should open there arm so wide to recieve d fruit of there deed that’s 4 sure

  4. He’s a miraculous God. After so many stabs he still survived. I read something totally different from this. “A BABY WAS RECUSED BY A DOG” One story with different versions.

  5. On the jugdement day there shall be so many revelation that would be made open that would bring about great surprises.

    U guys should watch out and have it in mind that this boy“s case must be mentioned. Don‘t forget.

    If God will open the hearts of some people for one to see, the rivers of wickedness and cruelty will make you consider the devil a saint.

    The heart of some folks are so wicked that they are the one giving the devil assignments on what to do at times.

    The guardian Angel of the little boy wasn‘t sleeping nor slumber. It just that the Angel failed me by not striking the perpetrator of this dastardly act with a perpetual BLINDNESS till the end of his/her miserble life.
    Thank God for the shepherd girl whom God used as a channel of saving grace to this miraculous child.

    I take a stroll…

  6. God has already punished the people that did this to this innocent child. Miracle baby, nothing will happen to you

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